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Found 7 results

  1. where can I find info for a friend whose a rightfully concerned parent with primary presidency who has neglected her child on 9 out of 9 times when left alone. I witnessed that woman tell my friend to take your kids and don’t return. I don’t care if they don’t have the gospel in their lives! What a shame to hear these words.I was sitting in the chapel and could see and hear this primary president shouting at her and each time my friend tried to speak primary pres just spoke over her. this after she tried to introduce herself to the new couple teaching her children. As we overheard the teacher already got a negative earful about my friend who is just doing her calling whom God ordained her to do as a mom sitting in on a new teacher that previously allowed her young child to get hurt only her toddlers are seen wondering the hall with no adult supervision and the wards are not the same safe as they use to be when we grew up. So we can’t be too safe and I am saddened by this and want... 12:03AM
  2. In Handbook 2: Administering the Church section 11.8.1 Men Serving in Primary it states: "When men are assigned to teach children, at least two responsible adults should be present at all times. The two adults could be two men, a husband and wife, or two members of the same family. In small branches, if it is not practical to have two teachers in a classroom, a member of the Primary presidency frequently visits and monitors each class that a man teaches alone." This change was made a few years ago, and I understand the concerns related to it, but something I did not like was singling out men rather than focusing on two-deep leadership for all teaching situations. It makes me feel as if I'm considered a suspected pedophile just because I'm a man. Having been raised in a large family, and having raised four daughters and two sons of my own, and having worked in Scouting for 25 years I fully support the two-deep leadership principles of the Scouting Program. But they apply equally to men and women. Would you support changing this policy title to Adults Serving in Primary and having the text changed to: "At least two responsible adults should be present at all times when teaching Primary. The two adults can be two men, or two women, a husband and wife, or two members of the same family. In small branches, if it is not practical to have two teachers in a classroom, a member of the Primary presidency frequently visits and monitors each class that is taught alone."?
  3. Hello everyone! I need some advice. I teach a Primary class for 5- and 6-year-olds. Recently, a family moved into our ward with their 5-year-old girl, Nina (name changed, privacy, all that). She only speaks Spanish, and she's too young to be in Kindergarten, so I don't think she's learning English in school, either. I feel really bad because I speak approximately *no* Spanish (I've got "Hola" and that's about it) and the other little kids don't speak any Spanish either. So basically I'm just some strange woman in a strange classroom that speaks to her in a language she doesn't understand for an hour, which makes me sad. I make an effort to smile and make sure she's included in games and activities, but I'm not sure how to reach out to her and make her feel welcome, loved, and happy. So -- if anyone has suggestions on how to teach a multilingual classroom or how to learn Spanish for the purpose of teaching these classes, your comments are very welcome! Thank you so much. :)
  4. :) I thought it might be fun to start a thread on your favorite teaching hint. It does not have to be Nursery just moving forward the Gospel through our youth. *One of the things I do is arrange on the wall just opposite of where I am teaching all those things I am teaching. Stories and Activities words, major points I want to make, and songs ( only the words ), and schedule so that with a glance I know where I am. This also helps my assistant and any adult visitors know what I am doing. I tell all the adults if you stay the words are on the wall so please help. This way my eye contact can be with the "little ones" and not on a manual. If you can get their attention you can teach. *Coffee filters for holding snacks. You can buy a lot cheap. *Safety tip: turn chalk board upside down , putting tray up at the top. You can still use the chalk board but the tray is not at eye level for these little ones. * Put contact paper or postal tape over the legs of the brads after they have been opened. This will make it harder for the little ones to get the brads out and pop into the mouth.
  5. Hi! Can you suggest activities that would teach kids about handling money and also on caring for the environment? Thanks! We have come up with a treasure hunt to let them know that getting money requires work.. then we have an activity wherein they get to plan out their budgets.. and also on saving.. and tithing.. we have film showings for recycling and global warming.. but we sure could use better ideas.. thanks!
  6. I remember a time (and many wards still do) when primary children were used as examples of reverence by standing at the front of the chapel with arms folded. I thought that this practices was done away with. Does any one know of a letter, statement or proclamation that the church sent out to verify this or is it still acceptable to practice?
  7. I went on this board to see if anyone has done any team teaching in Primary. I have taught for 30 years and never with a partner. I don't want to be controlling, but I am used to doing it my way. Help!!!!