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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Here's the rundown on my situation... I am a new convert (about 6 months). I really enjoyed the first bishop I had, but after I got baptized he was released. The new bishop and I don't see eye to eye. I feel that he puts me down in our meetings. I know that they talk about me in bishopric meetings because a close friend is the secretary (which is fine) but he doesn't seem to remember my name. Our ward is pretty small for Utah, only 15 people. I think I am probably being a baby, but these things bother me because I feel that I am not good enough to receive his attention nor for him to make time to talk to me. Normally, I would just let this go and toughen up. But I got engaged in April and am waiting so that I can go through the temple in March. I know that these next six months are going to be hard (the law of chastity is a hard one for me). I want someone who will hold me more accountable and will be by my side more than this bishop. I live in Utah where there are MANY YSA wards. Would it be bad to switch to a different ward until March so that I can set myself up for success (I know it's on my shoulders, but I'd like the support of a bishop)? If so, what is the reason I give the church for me switching wards since my address hasn't changed? Thank you!
  2. My Brother married a woman that can be very mean sometimes, but then again so can my brother. Here is my problem. My Brother and his wife have 5 kids. Since the time they were born my husband and I have offered to babysit for them whenever they want and always for free. We love those kids with all our hearts and have loved spending time with them. We have also offered to help my brother and sister in law with what ever else they need help with. We know that the only reason they have called us or invited us to things is so that they would not feel guilty when they use our services and that is fine with us however over the years they came to expect us to be at their beck and call. Sometimes not even giving a thank you for things we have helped with. Well the last time they asked for some help finishing their basement I went to help them and spent two hours working on it. I then had to leave because I had some things I needed to do before the stores closed. Well my brother told my mom that I had come over and ONLY helped for 1 hour. I was very hurt by this. He should have been grateful that I showed up at all for one and for second...I spent 2 hours there trying to help him not 1. Well here is the thing. Over the years because we were babysitting for them a lot, they would invite us to the kids birthdays every year. Well now that the oldest is old enough to babysit the younger kids we don't get asked to babysit anymore and they have also stoped inviteing us to birthdays and no longer invite us over at all! This has hurt my husband and I to the core. We adore those kids and have tried very hard to be firends with my brother and sister in law and have always tried to do nice things for them and now they have just kicked us to the curb because they don't need us anymore. They do not call us at all. Please give me your sugestions on what I could do to fix this situation. By the brother and I are not very close. I am actualy closer to my sister in law than I am with my brother and my sister in law does not like me. Both of them do not really like me. They think I am weird and they also do not think that my husband and I are cool enough. Well heres the thing. I am not sure if this is the only reason but I have a feeling that the main reason they are no longer inviting us to birthdays and over for dinner or anything else is because My sister-in-law does not like that the kids love us so much. I get the feeling that she resents little things like that the kids will always come running to me and my husband first and then go over to her side of the family last or that the kids will mention us in their prayers but forget about her side of the family. I have gotten little hints here and there from her that these little things bother her. I don't know if this is the only reason why she no longer asks us over though. I know She does not like our side of the family at all. My husband and I are always very loveing and kind to the kids and very careful to say and do the right things around them and set a good example and what not. We are also very careful not to get in the parents way or undermine their authority. So I think the main issue is that she just doesn't like how close her kids are to us. So the problem do my husband and I continue to have a relationship with the kids if she doesn't want us to see them? It breaks my heart that she could be so unkind to us. After 12 years of free baby sitting and us being there for them for anything and everything. And she knows how much we care about them, and then to just dump us like a piece of trash.... I am at a loss. What should I do? By the way...My husband and I do not have any kids of our own, so yeah we do love these kids like they were our own.
  3. I'm engaged, getting married in a few weeks. I was overseas for a few months, and while away i did something i wish i didnt. its often referred to as "IT". im afraid that its serious enough to keep me out of the temple! however I realized my sin, and made sure i changed my attitude and actions. I haven't done it again, i dont dare to. i love my fiance too much, i want to do the right thing. However, im a bit afraid of the interview coming up with the bishop when getting a living ordinance recommend. if i've stopped and feel i've repented, will they realize that? will they still let me have a recommend and marry my love on the day we've set? or will they impose punishment for my sin by not giving me a recommend?