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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys. I'm chatting with a non-member, and I'm failing to properly explain the idea of when a prophet is speaking *as a prophet* (rather than a man). Yes, this does involve explaining that not every word that came out of Joseph Smith's mouth was "thus saith the Lord". Do you know any good resources for explaining this? Thanks!
  2. If you were dying what would be the last thing you would try to tell those you cared about? Looking back at the April Conference addresses, Elder Packer's address was headed, "The end of all activity in the Church is to see that a man and a woman with their children are happy at home, sealed for eternity." Elder Perry's address was headed, "Family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness." Just a short time later they would pass away and the Supreme Court would rule in favor of same sex marriage. How profound and insightful their words seem now. Truly we have prophets in these latter-days.
  3. I'm asking for my own curiosity. What are recent revelations from prophets since Joseph Smith? If there aren't any, through speculation, what subjects might be addressed by new revelation? If you are a member, do you accept new revelation without question, or do you seek confirmation from God through fasting and prayer?
  4. According to Elder Jeffry R. Holand of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, in a Conference talk that he spoke in October 2013, he has suffered from a mental illness. "Like a Broken Vessel" (October 2013) According to Elder Holland, the latter-day prophet George Albert Smith was a kind and gentle man, yet he had a recurring mental illness as well. Also according to Elder Holland, even the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. may have sufferened from the metal illness that is now called "Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)". In Joseph Smiths own words he described his mood as going into the "abyss". I accept Elder Holland's words as being true, as I accept him as a prophet, seer, and revelator that all of the members of the First Presidency are and that all of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve are. I respect Elder Holland for being open about his mental illness and for asking us all to show compassion for those who have a health problem as serious as mental illness is. I have a mental illness myself. A lot of people do. I believe that attitudes about mental illness would change if more people were open about their own mental illnesses as Elder Holland was in his conference talk. I have more faith in God and in the LDS Church after hearing Elder Holland's talk. I have more faith that I will be permanently healed in heaven and will be judged by an all-knowing God who can take everything into account.
  5. I was just wondering why we never see prophets or apostles praying in General Conference, or Area Conferences. Any thoughts anyone? We see them pray at temple dedications and other temple related events, and in their General Conference addresses we sometimes hear them make reference to their prayers, but we very rarely actually see it.
  6. I found a link to this at Real Clear Religion. It appears to be a very recent statement from the Church, and more or less blames Brigham Young's pronouncement that Blacks could not receive the priesthood on the prevalent cultural realities of his era. The Real Clear Politics article indicated that this statement is being well-received--a "Christmas Present" to LDS of all ethnicities. Mormon church traces black priesthood ban to Brigham Young | The Salt Lake Tribune
  7. I came across this blog this morning about tattoos of Mormon prophets. Over a Dozen Mormon Prophet Tattoos: Where Christians Stand on Ink - Blog - Jinxi Boo There seems to be some debate about the LDS Church not being a Christian religion in the comments section, as well as many other Mormons posting. Thoughts?