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Found 1 result

  1. The apparent suicide of Josh "Leelah" Alcorn visited my home today. My 14-year old daughter showed me a People Magazine article that laid the blame squarely at the parents' feet. The child wanted to be a girl, the parents gave her Christian bigotry, so she kills herself. Never mind that they did not interview the parents, and that a former editor of People is transgendered. Thankfully, my child was livid at the media's bias and hatred of Christians. So, I did some internet digging. Fortunately, the Washington Post published a column about the abuses of "doxing," and urging supporters of trans-teens to be more imaginative and positive, rather than using the net to skewer the parents. Better yet, the Wall Street Journal had a column by a well-regarded psychiatrist who argues that sex change is never really possible, that sex reassignment surgery results in a 20-fold increase in the likelihood of suicide, and that 70-80% of those young adults who experience feelings of transgender ideation eventually have those thoughts resolve (go away). That the secular public is so willing to blame and hate on Christians causes me to double-down on my assertion that atheists are much more efficient and effective war mongers than religious people ever were.