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Found 3 results

  1. Political secularism, by which I think of groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation, has billed itself as neutral position, as a defender of the U.S. Constitution's prohibition against government establishing religion. Many school districts, and a fair number of government agencies seem to accept secularism's inherent neutrality as fact. Is it? One Catholic writer, from Crux, argues that: A rabbi in my area, Daniel Lapin, has labeled such groups as "secular fundamentalists." I like that because it distinguishes agnostic/atheists of good will and open-mindedness (who might very well self-identify as 'secular') from those who insist that all religion must be driven out of the public square, and that believers are foolish, at best. THOUGHTS?
  2. The attached link is to an article that has the US joining countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia, for engaging in religious persecution. The organization notes, towards the end, that Americans face less danger than in most overseas countries, but earns its place on the list due to the rapid decline in liberty--especially in practicing faith in the public square. 2016 Hall of Shame Report.pdf this report over-done? Do we dare protest religious persecution and run the risk of "crying wolf?" On the other hand, is the trend mentioned a serious concern? AND, will the change in government reverse, or even slow down the direction?
  3. According to the linked article, the group that is most hostile towards conservative Christians are progressive, white, and educated. The attitudes expressed, put kindly, are that conservative Christians are fine, if they keep their religion in their houses of worship, and in their homes. Keep it out of the public square, and out of our faces. We don't want to discriminate against you per se. However, we support California's public university "all-comers" policy--that prohibits clubs from restricting membership or leadership positions based on religion. They also support restrictions on religious freedom, if doing so seems to mean an overall good for society (yeah, it's okay to bankrupt the baker that won't serve a gay wedding). The article seems spot on to me. I just hate to give into the same feeling of victimhood that ends up making us appear weak and oppressed. Thought the facts are true, does this kind of thinking drive us towards a bunker mentality? I still believe engaging the culture is preferable to circling the wagons.