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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, do you know (Returned) Missionary Tom/Tomas/Thomas Putna/um? Tom served in the Green Beret before coming on his mission, his home state was Arizona, US I am an inactive member trying to contact Tom Putnam who served in the Christchurch New Zealand Mission in 1983-85. My husband John and I were living in Christchurch and Tom served in our area. We got to know Tom really well, and Elder Dewey was his companion was at the time that we got to know Tom. We would really love to hear from Tom and his family and spend some time reliving the memories that we had. Tom, if you read this please get in touch with us as you have always been in our thoughts through the years. We now have 5 kids who have lives of their own (Desmond was only a few days old when you and your companion knocked on our door one rainy and stormy night, both you and Elder Dewey were clad in sou'wester gear and looked like a couple of drowned rats) and we have 3 grandchildren. Hoping to hear from you sometime soon Tom Love from Bro John and Sis Heather Low