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Found 5 results

  1. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said we should look to others based on the character not their characteristics. He mentioned race, but would likely include ideology and religion. Today some conservatives look askance at Muslims, wondering if there are terrorist tendencies. Some liberals question whether political nominees who are Evangelical or Catholic can fulfill their duties objectively. Some conservatives question whether the Hispanic person they encounter is here legally or not. Some liberals question whether the white person they are speaking to is racist or not. Some trust law enforcement mostly and others mostly believe their critics. What can I do about my biases? Slow down. Believe that God knows our hearts and will accomplish justice in the end. Then, remember daily that I never encounter a mere mortal human being. We are all created in God's image.
  2. The alt.right are Nazis, who are socialists. A lot of racism is leftist (abortion and population control proponents, Nazi racial supremacy schemes, etc.). Maybe it's conservatives who will eventually bring civility and decorum back to the U.S. political scene.
  3. The alt.right are Nazis, who are socialists. A lot of racism is leftist (abortion and population control proponents, Nazi racial supremacy schemes, etc.). Maybe it's conservatives who will eventually bring civility and decorum back to the U.S. political scene.
  4. Many Clinton-supporters perceive that Christians supported Trump. The truth? Some did, some did not, and many cast their votes with noses firmly pinched. Nevertheless, the perception has non-believers asking us how we could support someone who did-said-behaved so un-Christ-like. Those Christians who did vote for our President-Elect should take care in their answers not to excuse sin, but rather to focus on those issues and polices that persuaded them. What is eternally more important is our belief that God does not give up on anyone. Clinton or Trump, I would have prayed daily for either one. Two common charges lobbed against our President-Elect, and us, are that we are under-sensitive about racism and sexism. Jesus highlighted the moral superiority of the despised foreigner—the Good Samaritan—against the insular leadership of his own community. He forgave the adulteress, spoke with the foreign woman at the well and surrounded himself with competent, empowered women. He modeled inclusion and integration. Likewise, we believe the church is a place where there is no longer male or female, Greek or Jew, free or slave--we are all one, in Christ. Finally, there is the anger and meanness that Mr. Trump’s opponents accuse him and us of trafficking in. It is folly to engage in arguments over which side is worse. The internet is gummed up with left-wing stories of Trump-supporters engaging in racist, sexist trouble-making. Right-wing media carries similar episodes of violence against Trump-supporters, or just of minorities attacking whites, in the name of protesting. Christians are commanded to live at peace, as much as is possible. We love our enemies and pray for those who insult us. So, what’s a Christian to do in this ramped-up social environment? * We love God and our neighbors. * We care for the widow, the orphaned, and the poor. * We treat the stranger at our gates fairly. * We use just weights and measures in our business. * We work harder and more competently. * We listen hard. * We speak carefully and compassionately, as led by the Holy Spirit. The bottom line is that, in a very tiring age, we refuse to grow weary in doing good. They can malign our politics, and reject our religion, but they cannot argue against the testimony of our good lives.
  5. I am reading LDS scripture as I am contemplating returning to the Church. I came upon 2 Nephi 5:23 and WOAH! I can see how people find that offensive. Is there any context I am missing? Something to explain away how terribly racist it sounds? Or is it to be accepted at face value? I miss the LDS church and mostly enjoy the LDS church and do disagree with some things but not enough to not go to the LDS church... but this is just wow... Again, I am just questioning is there context I am missing? I know this is a constant for LDS people to be questioned about people of color in the LDS church, but I just need to hear responses from some LDS who know the scripture better than I do and better than those who have spoken about 2 Nephi 5:23 without knowing all LDS scripture. Please be nice in your responses, I know this is a super sensitive subject and I am not trying to attack in any way. I just need to know if I am missing something. Thanks!