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Found 1 result

  1. Tuesday my son asked if he could go with his friends from High Schoo; to a Haunted House on Wednesday for there Haloween evening. I asked for details, a parent was driving, a small group was Haunted House. Around 4:30 he grabbed his coat and said I'll wait outside they just sent a text they are leaving now, I told him cool let know when you leve here. By 5:30 I heard nothing from him so wonderred outside, Saw my son standing there with his buddie from his mom's neighboord who he asked to have come over for halloween and had told him no it was just to far 30 or miles on school nite to just hang makes no sence. I went inside gathered myself, retuned outside told my 15 yearold I did not approve of the decite and he had 3 minutes to cancel the trip to the Haunted House and for his buddy to call his ride, and to get back in the house. 20 minutes later his friend's Mother whom I do not know was at the door wanting to know what happend, complaining she had drivin all this way. I explained this was all stp up behind by back by deite and my son was not going to benifit from lieing to me, she walked away mad at me. These 2 have been friends for 8 years in the towm my Ex lives in, hence I do not know his parents, or him very well.