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Found 7 results

  1. How are you handling announcements with the new schedule? Do you use any apps for group messages that can be responded to individually?
  2. I'm looking for ideas for bonding activities specifically. Fun, hopefully, because we will be putting on some (short) classes on different aspects of sisterhood, and we want to follow those up with fun. It will probably be in a lodge (at a church camp) in January, so they have to work inside.
  3. I taught RS this Sunday. It was a wonderful experience for me! The topic was ch 17 from the George Albert Smith manual "The Strengthening Power of Faith". At the end of relief society there were very few dry eyes because of what we as sisters had shared with each other about faith. Driving home I ask my wonderful eternal companion about his third hour experience... his responce "the teacher read straight from the manual and I had a hard time trying to stay awake". I guess I just came to ask why. I know my husband is capable of feeling and responding to the spirit... as are all the men in the elder's quorum for that matter. :) Why does there have to be such variance between RS and EQ with the same topic? Is it such a hard thing to ask that men open up and share spiritual things with each other? Is it too hard to ask for a little planning ahead instead of reading the manual ver batim?
  4. Our ward RS is planning for us to attend a wedding ceremony for someone in our ward as our RS evening meeting this month. It is to be held at the home of the former bishop, released in November. It's this Thursday. I can't believe it. There has to be some guideline being broken here.
  5. I saw this video and had to share it, especially with the Women's Conference coming up.
  6. I've recently been called as a second counselor in Relief Society in a ward that has not previously provided a children's class (or nursery) during Weekday Meetings (Enrichment). It is very important to me to make sure this happens, my husband works nights, and is rarely home, and for other mothers I know who miss out cause they don't have anyone to watch their kids. My question is... What does your ward do that works? Do you use YW? Mothers take turns? Any ideas and suggestions would really be appreciated!!
  7. In tonight's meeting I was really inspired by President Uchtdorf's talk. He told us that we can attain Godly happiness while on the earth by emulating Heavenly Father. Creation and compassion are the keys he said. I have considered the happiness that creating something gives me. When he described it tonight, as taking unorganized materials and creating something out of it that was not there before, it made sense! What joy and inner fulfillment is felt as you gaze upon your flower garden, a piece of clothing you made, plants you started from seed, a photograph you arrange and manipulate the lighting on. And it does not end. Each time you look on these things it gives you a sense of happiness and peace. Then he spoke on compassion. What one thing have you ever done that gives you any more happiness, joy and peace than to help someone who needs it? Give clothes to someone who has none, food to someone hungry, a smile to someone sad, a hug to someone lonely, and your heart swells to new heights, to enlarge, and beat even stronger. I am so grateful I have a knowledge of the restored Gospel! I am so grateful I have a testimony! I am so grateful to know that Heavenly Father loves us and gives us encouragement!!!