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Found 7 results

  1. The only summary I have for this one is: WE CAN RECOVER FROM OUR SINS.
  2. I grew up in the church, fell away for 15 or so years and started coming back a few months ago. I've read the book of Mormon for the first time willingly and by myself. Things are growing spiritually. I live with my girlfriend and we have been "living in sin." We've decided to get a marriage license and get married very soon. However I don't see us stopping sleeping together and I feel conflicted. Has anyone had this situation or know anything? Also I have not been chaste at all in those years. Never been married and I never went through the temple but did receive aaronic priesthood. My girlfriend and I are very faithful to each other and already consider ourselves married. I know that sounds dumb.
  3. I'm an Aaronic Priesthood holder and I feel very ashamed right now. Just recently I started masturbation for about...a month, but I desperately want to stop and I realize the consequences. I feel that if I really try hard enough my will power will overcome. I have already began praying about it, and a I am committed to never masturbate again. Am i required to confess to my bishop regarding this sin or is masturbation not severe enough if I can handle it myself? -If I confess will I not be allowed to pass the sacrament, home teach, partake of the sacrament, participate in youth activities, prepare the sacrament, etc? -I know that the bishop is supposed to remain confidential about my confessions, but are my parents an exception? I feel that if he told my parents (because of our unique family situation) it would be harder on me than if I resolved my problem on my own or with the help of JUST the bishop (and Heavenly Father of course). In essence, should I try my hardest to fully repent myself and seek forgiveness and never commit this sin again? Or is it required that masturbation is severe enough that I must confess with my bishop? Please help, thank you.
  4. Would you say Psalms 51 is a good scripture to read if you feel the need to repent?
  5. Hello, I'm 18 at the moment and I live in mapleton ut. (10 mins south of provo) I fell away from the church when I was 15. Due to family issues.. I have been a good person and have made mostly good desicions except for a problem with two young women I felt horrible and did not do anything of the sort again. Untill My senior year of high school my best friend died in a car crash and i was the driver. I soon after got a girlfriend she is a awesome child of god and beautiful young lady. Me and her dated for quite awhile and because of that got very close. We made some big mistakes and had sexual intercourse. The relationship ended and I'm stuck here now. And just tonight I was with a friend wjo has been making some wrong choices and it hit me really hard that that life is not me and I refuse to be apart of it... And the spirit hit me hard... And I feel like I need to go on a mission... Is it even possible for me to go...? I would love some help... I simply can't wait for Sunday for some input... :s
  6. Okay... I'm going to make this quick and blunt because its the sin that matters and not the story behind it. I'm a fifteen year old girl and I've had internet sex (chat room format, not video or picture and I usually pretended to be an older man interested in boys my age) and I've had issues with masturbation since I was twelve. I've completely stopped fooling around online and it doesn't even hold any allure for me anymore. The masturbation has been harder to quit, mostly because for a long while it was the only way I could sleep (sorry if thats too much info) but other than a few occasional slip ups, I've also stopped that as well. I know I need to confess to my bishop. I've already confessed to him about my troubles with pornography (in written form, not picture) and ever since then I feel comfortable talking to him. It's just... I'm still nervous, you know? How far is too far? What if because of these things I've done I'm too impure to ever go into the temple? I just have this fear of telling him how much of a perv I was online and then WHAM! being excommunicated. So, uh, I guess what I'm really asking is... HAVE I gone too far? Am I past the point of forgiveness?
  7. 9 or 10 months ago i moved my records over to the singles ward from my family ward. a few months after that, my dad got called as the singles ward bishop. my problem is... i need to do some repenting, but i DO NOT feel comfortable doing it with my dad. would it be acceptable to do it with my family ward bishop if my records are still in the singles ward? isnt he supposed to be keeping up with me anyway? are there any former bishops, or anyone that REALLY knows is there is a policy or soemthing on this???