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Found 2 results

  1. Build a Wall Me '20 Federal Workers No Wall No Trump '20
  2. The Democrats and moderate Republicans are, once again, falling into Trump's trap. This feud the media's reporting on, between Trump and the Kahn family, is built on a silly narrative. The argument is that Kahn's son died serving our country, so, since Trump is blaming the father for his criticism of Trump's immigration policies, Trump must be anti-vet, anti-military, and, of course, completely anti-Muslim. This foolishness is likely to help Trump for two reasons. #1. Nobody is talking about Hillary Clinton. Even President Obama is focused on Trump. Don't forget Trump's key strategy in the primaries--all news coverage--even 'bad'--is free advertising. #2. Does anyone seriously believe that Hillary Clinton will be more pro-military, pro-vet, and pro-American greatness than Trump? How many vets are seriously considering voting for HRC, because Trump allegedly disrespected a vet's family? The narrative in a few weeks will be how amazing it is that Trump recovered from this mess. Many moderate and liberal pundits will also be shaking their heads at why Hillary has gained no traction. Never mind the obvious--nobody is listening to her or talking about her, because the news is all about Trump. Oh...and however obnoxious people think he is, he sure comes across strong. Isn't that his rap--he may be a jerk, but he's one that will fight for us (the working man, the American nation, etc.)? BTW--I'm not endorsing anyone this year. I'll cast my vote, and get reconstructive surgery to re-attach my nose the next day.