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Found 1 result

  1. As a member of the church from Germany, the country of the perpetrators, but also Helmuth Hübeners, I had written an article in German about him and his group. Helmuth came from the simplest working conditions, was the unmarterial son of a member of the church. His stepfather adopted him later (his birth name was Guderat), and gave him the name Hübener. His father, also a member of the Church, was what was later called a "Nazimite". When Hitler came to power, everyone, including the then 7-year-old Helmuth, was enthusiastic. He became a member of Hitler's youth, but with later years (from 1937 onwards) he had become more and more critical of Hitler's youth and national socialism. Especially two events shaped him. To the One, when the then branch president, a staunch Nazi, put a shield on the top of the entrance to the church, where access to Jews was undesirable; And, on the other hand, the history of the siblings Schwartz, Jewish members of the church, who had just betrayed by the branch president to the Gestapo. And then the so-called "Reichskristallnacht". A pogrom of the Nazis against Jews. In a Hamburg bathing establishment, Helmuth met a group of communist youths around a castles apprentice. He went to their house, and everyone listened secretly BBC, which at that time was strictly prohibited. Then they discussed it, and Helmuth quickly realized where that would lead. Beginning in 1941, he began secretly digging the news of the BBC with the help of the office equipment of the church, and put it in Hamburg letterboxes. Later he took two friends from the church, who formed the "Helmuth Hübener Group". No one in the church, either directly or indirectly, was on her side. The Mormons in Helmuth's Church, St. Georg, was mostly either Nazis or Nazimites.. At the beginning of February 1942, Helmuth Hübener was arrested at the workplace in the Hamburger Bieberhaus. In attempting to translate the flyers into French, and to spread them among prisoners of war, he had been noticed and denounced by his superior, Heinrich Mohn, a bearer of the Golden Party badge of the NSDAP, to the Gestapo. Helmuth took everything to protect his friends. Two days after his arrest, Helmuth was excommunicated by the branch president Z., who had not informed the church presidents but the mission president. A Mrs. Sommerfeldt, a good friend of the family, later said, by oath, that at a church meeting, a Mormon, Jacobi, stood up and said that if he had known Helmuth's activities, he would have shot him by himself. And after the war, a German soldier from St. Georg also said that these boys had done nothing better, and had been silent. He believed that the church had been put at risk by Helmuth's activities. What, as my investigations showed, was not true, since the Reichsicherheitshauptamt, which the Gestapo was subordinate to, had protected the church in at least two cases. Conclusion: Helmuth was a hero. But, if you can say that from other members outside the Hübener group in Hamburg, I doubt.