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Found 6 results

  1. Romans 13 tells us that to rebel against law enforcement is to oppose what God establishes. Yet, we are in a season when police and correctional workers get abundant scorn and precious little appreciation. Sunday begins Correctional Workers Week. I am humbled and honored to serve with my brothers and sisters. Thank someone this week who serves in this difficult, but important calling.
  2. Abortion debates are difficult, because they go to the heart of our morality, ethics, compassion, and humanity. Sadly, both sides too often despise each other. Pro-choicers are called Nazis and we pro-lifers are religious terrorists. For most, the reality is that pro-lifers care deeply about teen moms, and desire that all babies and single parents would experience safety and provision. Most pro-choicers would be fine with a world in which abortions are rare, so long as desperate mothers have access. If we continue to condemn hurting people and gin up the angry rhetoric, I suspect the extremists will capture both sides, and most people will just withdraw from the discussions.
  3. In a beautiful decision my neighbor to the North, Canadian justice has told Nova Scotia that it cannot bar graduates of Trinity Western University's law school from practicing law in the provice, simply because the alma mater bars gay sex amongst students. The justice said it's not about LBGT vs. Evangelical Christian rights, but rather about respect, inclusion, and the true meaning of tolerance.
  4. This article is by a retired NYPD officer, who explains why the average police officer is so angry at NYC's mayor. Was the back-turning right? Wrong? Understandable? Indulgent? Most important, what is the way forward?
  5. - At the Crossroads, Again: Mormon and Protestant Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries
  6. I just wanted to post here because I'm feeling pretty down right now. I have (what I thought was) a very good friend and whilst we catch up every now and then, we mostly keep in touch via Facebook. Well today he had something in his status about 'the dark side' etc and how he was heading there... so I said "but light is knowledge, my friend"... I think it was pretty light hearted, I wasn't getting all religious and heavy on him... I'm not into pushing my faith onto anyone else. But then he replied back implying that the light side is for goody goody boring people and he'd "rather be on the dark side as there's people he wants to meet there and what is the point of knowledge when you're dead anyway". So I kinda took offence to that and told him so - and consequently he deleted me!! I'm just shocked - mainly at his lack of respect for my thoughts and feelings. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion ... and shouldn't be judged for it. But, gosh i just feel totally belittled and made fun of and considered "boring" and "a goody goody" because of what I am!! I'm sorry to go on... I just feel really sad right now. I try not to judge people and I don't like to be judged - I get enough of that from my family (who are anti-mormon!), but my husband and I are doing really well in the church now... I'm finally where I want to be... and striving hard to be better.... but I'm happy, we are happy. It's just hard now that it seems I have lost a friendship because of my faith. I wish I could show people like that what the truth is. I wish they could just understand a little of the truth. I wish I could show them that there is life after death.... that by doing good and striving to be like Jesus Christ will make you a whole lot happier and be much more fulfilling than striving for worldly things......