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Found 3 results

  1. I remember a time (and many wards still do) when primary children were used as examples of reverence by standing at the front of the chapel with arms folded. I thought that this practices was done away with. Does any one know of a letter, statement or proclamation that the church sent out to verify this or is it still acceptable to practice?
  2. It’s quiet now Here Where waters lap among the reeds I can hear myself think And a hundred impossible flights of fancy are possible Here at the laver Before the temple of God - the fire pops – And smoke stirred by a vagrant breeze Ascends like incense Bearing my thoughts like pristine prayers Heavenward to Nature’s God Alone at twilight Til nearby song birds sing And I look across nature into the eternity Nature's changing face reveals And I wait ‘tween the promise and the dream
  3. Our ward has a chronic sacrament meeting lack of reverence. Several problems as I see them: 1. They don't start on time. at least 2-5 minutes late. 2. They open the overflow well before the meeting starts even though the chapel isn't full, and no one is back there 3. No prelude music 4. Bishopric doesn't even get seated on the stand until 1 min before starting (5 min before starting because they start late) 5. Chapel doors are kept open the whole time? (Is this standard practice) 6. Foyer looks like a yard sale during sacrament. Usually 15-20 people out there with what appears to be almost every toy their children own. What is being done in general in the individual sacrament meetings to foster reverence during sacrament meeting and throughout the rest of church?