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Found 3 results

  1. In a beautiful decision my neighbor to the North, Canadian justice has told Nova Scotia that it cannot bar graduates of Trinity Western University's law school from practicing law in the provice, simply because the alma mater bars gay sex amongst students. The justice said it's not about LBGT vs. Evangelical Christian rights, but rather about respect, inclusion, and the true meaning of tolerance.
  2. The traditional marriage conflict has turned ugly. Some same-sex marriage advocates have compared their efforts with the overturning of prohibitions against interracial marriage. They press the matter, saying that traditional marriage advocacy should not be tolerated. Hope shines, as one advocate begs to differ. He says that he has advocated for same-sex marraige for many years, but is not now advocating to tolerance towards those who disagree. WOW! It's commentary like this that makes me hope that maybe we all can just get least for awhile. :-)
  3. My wife asked me a great question this morning, and I thought I would pose it for all of you to ponder. "Was there ever a time other than now that women had rights?" It seemed that Eve had rights to her own opinon in the garden. I think this could be a good discussion about women's rights.