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Found 1 result

  1. It is worrisome that many posts are discussing many peripheral aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ and yet serious doctrines are often propagated by opinions and lack the strength of the words of Christ. We live in a day when we are highly distracted by the world and there is not enough attention given to the Doctrine of Christ. Is there truly anything more important than His doctrine? THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST IS THE TRUTH, INVITATION AND MEANS WHEREBY ALL THAT ARE 'JUST AND TRUE' SONS OR DAUGHTERS OF JESUS CHRIST WILL LITERALLY RECEIVE HIM WHILE IN MORTALITY BY BEING A PERSONAL WITNESS OF THE MARKS OF HIS ATONEMENT, EXPERIENCE HIS GLORY, AND BE PERSONALLY TAUGHT BY HIM IN HIS PRESENCE. Wow! Yes, every person is expected to actually receive the Savior, Jesus Christ while in mortality as part of one's personal ascension process. The good news is that any person can learn, understand, believe and live the Doctrine of Christ on their own. It is a personal journey of each and every person. Don't take anyone else's word for it--learn it directly from the Lord through His words and His spirit. Start your journey in The Doctrine of Christ Study Guide at