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Found 1 result

  1. Okay... I'm going to make this quick and blunt because its the sin that matters and not the story behind it. I'm a fifteen year old girl and I've had internet sex (chat room format, not video or picture and I usually pretended to be an older man interested in boys my age) and I've had issues with masturbation since I was twelve. I've completely stopped fooling around online and it doesn't even hold any allure for me anymore. The masturbation has been harder to quit, mostly because for a long while it was the only way I could sleep (sorry if thats too much info) but other than a few occasional slip ups, I've also stopped that as well. I know I need to confess to my bishop. I've already confessed to him about my troubles with pornography (in written form, not picture) and ever since then I feel comfortable talking to him. It's just... I'm still nervous, you know? How far is too far? What if because of these things I've done I'm too impure to ever go into the temple? I just have this fear of telling him how much of a perv I was online and then WHAM! being excommunicated. So, uh, I guess what I'm really asking is... HAVE I gone too far? Am I past the point of forgiveness?