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Found 4 results

  1. unixknight

    A Baltimore Facepalm

    So generally I'm pretty critical of the Baltimore police department because I think they're pretty corrupt and prone to controversy. However, I also believe in giving credit where credit is due, and it's due now. This isn't cutting edge current news but I was learning more about what happened today and felt inspired to share this. A couple of weeks ago a woman was fatally shot while engaging in a shootout with police. Local news article here. If you read the article it refers to the traffic stop that this woman failed to appear in court for, and was one of the reasons officers were there. Well, what happened with that traffic stop was that she was pulled over for not having tags, and as it turned out she also didn't have insurance. She tried to play the "your laws don't apply to me" game and lost. Now, if you watch the video or listen to the audio, this woman was being difficult, confrontational, even threatening. Despite all of that, the officers were trying to give her a chance to handle the situation without escalating it. They were very professional and calm even while she was telling her kid in the car that the officers wanted to kill them. Mentally unbalanced, much? So to nobody's surprise she met her fate trying to shoot at police because they were trying to arrest her for a couple of traffic related misdemeanors. Why am I bringing this up? Because BLM is using this as an example of police racism and killing black people. The problem is there's -zero- credibility in that claim. This woman was clearly looking for trouble, looking for violence, and was in the process of brainwashing her kids to be the same way. BLM no longer represents citizens with a legitimate gripe. It's a full blown hate group now. (No, this wasn't the straw that broke that camel's back, it's just a good example of how we know that movement is irreparably broken.
  2. ... you haven't been paying attention. I think this can reasonably be called an act of terrorism. This was absolutely predictable. Too many people have been blowing off these concerns and eventually a psycho acted on it. Let the blame game and political exploitation begin!
  3. So having recently whetted my appetite (for shooting) by purchasing a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 I've been eying revolvers. There are some surplus pistols out there (9x18) but the simpler mechanics of a revolver attract me, that and it appears that you can get a longer barrel more easily with a revolver than you can a semi-auto pistol. My purpose would be recreational and gaining proficiency, and I've been eying .357 Magnum, there is a testosterone component at play but I do kinda like that idea that I could, if I so wanted, hunt deer with it (though my odds of actually being able to get in range would be pretty dismal, I'm not a stealthy guy) but that isn't the primary purpose of it. I like the .357 for the power and the ability for them to fire .38, gives me the opportunity to possibly take advantage of cheaper ammo and be able to fire a more recoil friendly round. I've not looked into some of the other options such as .41 or .44 Mag (and a few others) one because I don't have quite that much testosterone and the ammo is more expensive. Though if I found a good deal I could probably be convinced for a different caliber. Anyway I've been eying the Rossi and the Taurus (my understanding is they are to some degree the same company just different quality tiers?) .357 6" barrels (8 inch would be better but those are expensive). A S&W would be nice but is out of my price range. Any thoughts on the guns I'm eying? Suggestions for when it rains money and I can buy one? Anyway, this thread would be a good place to brag about the revolver (or any gun really) you own. Also, let's not turn this thread into the appropriateness of owning firearms for various purposes, let's just enjoy the delightful smell of burnt powder.
  4. Most of you will may find this post upsetting. (Pam and other moderators, please don't delete it.) This time I'm not posting copyrighted church materials. :) The post was going to be in the original bishop's shooting thread. As I was typing, my post seemed to take on it's own character. I decided to post this as new but is related to the shooting of the Bishop in California. I started a long paragraph but realised readers need a bit of background about me to understand my point of view. To make this simple I'll list some quick facts inorder to better understand what I wrote. 01 Parents divorced when I was 2 & father remarried member of the church. 02.He had total 4 sons - 2 from each marriage 03. I was raised by my non-member mother while 3 brothers live with father 04 All brothers and there families are active in church 05 I was baptized in 1989 and was semi-active through the 1990's - eventually had name removed from records due to built up anger with myself and being gay 06 2007 came out to LDS side of family- Decided to give church another try - this time being honest 07 2008 baptized by father and confirmed by a brother. 08 long history of mental health problems and am on disability- I have weekly couseling and take meds. Now for what I typed in the original post. I WANT TO ADD I TRULY FEEL SORRY FOR THE BISHOP'S FAMILY AND THE MEMBERS OF HIS WARD. I'm sure most of you will not like this post. The shooting of the Bishop, in California, is a big release of anger for me. I was Baptized by my father in 2008. Not long after the baptism he passed away due to complications of a stroke. I'm gay & most of my family knows about me. As for church I was "being good and celibate". I became an Elder, attended a baptism session at a temple, and was about to have my first calling in church. Local church leaders knew what I was strugling with. They were also aware of my dysthymia ( constant low-grade depression) and social anxiety disorder. With all those things to deal with, my anxiety increased each time I went to church. I never really fit in. Mainly, because I was not married & had children. The church calling was a behind the scenes clerk job, which involved little interaction with people. I was basicly a loner in a church full of people. I would have continued to fell more anxious as the time went on. Church leaders tried to help but nothing eased my anxiety. I was also denying myself companionship to live a church lifestyle. November 2008, sent me over the edge. I was disgusted with the church's involvement and victory of the passing of Proposition 8. I do not live in California but live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal. To maintain my stable mental health life , I decided to become inactive. This was in February 2009, the same month my father passed away. Anxiety grew to anger towards the church. It was going to rip me apart. Now that I have distanced myself from the church I am much happier than when I was active. Out of respect for my father and brothers I will not seek to have my name removed from the records again. Also I have found my companion, that I've been seeking for all my adult life. As most of you are aware Prop 8 is in the news again. Much of the anger towards the church has started to come up again. Owning the Prop:8 the Mormon Proposition movie on dvd did not help either. AS FOR THE SHOOTING OF THE BISHOP, NEWS STILL DOES NOT INDICATE THE MOTIVE BEHIND THE SHOOTER. IN A STRANGE WAY, THE SHOOTER'S ACTION HAS SOMEHOW RELEAVED MY ANGER. I WAS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING HARMFUL TOWARD THE CHURCH OR ITS MEMBERS. The shooter's actions was kind of like a "proxy" to vent my frustration. Why he did what he did was wrong and has actions has changed many lives. I do feel bad about the situation even though it somehow helped me. What ever happens in California, regarding the church and Prop 8, I will not let it bother me. My companion and I don't need to be legally married to be happy with each other. But, I will continue to support same sex marriage. I KNOW THE CHURCH PROMOTES NORMAL AND TEMPLE MARRIAGES. The church teaches temple marriages can be for time and eternity. I wish same-sex marriage would not be a problem. Couples would be happy if they chose that avenue. Christianity teaches regular marriages are "till doeath do us part". That would be the case for same sex marriages. I feel that would not interfere with the churches teachings of God's full eternal plan. THOSE LAST FEW SENTENCES HELPS ME COPE WITH THE CHURCH, ANXIETY, PROP 8 AND THE WRONGFUL MURDER OF THE BISHOP. ASTRAL :)