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Found 2 results

  1. I've been very sick the past week and a half with the flu. Today I'm a little better but still fighting it. While I've been down and out, I've had fellow workers who seem to have recovered a LOT quicker than I did. I was wondering what I did differently. I've heard that when you get old your body has a harder time fighting the flu off than others do. I also read up on this and found that some think that those who had the flu shot (and I got the flu shot, they advise anyone my age to get it) actually got the flu worse this year. Some think that it heightens your defense to some strands, but hyposensitizes you to the flu in some other ways. Thus, those who got the flu shot this year have the flu worse than those who did not. Anyone have enough medical knowledge to know if this is true, if this is false, or what may be going on? I know those who are younger than I seem to have recovered already. I had another fellow around a few decades my junior (he is in his 40s) who got it the same time I did and he has recovered already. I am struggling just to survive it seems from day to day. It seems I may also have an onset of pneumonia due to the flu at this juncture. I am wondering if it may just be due to my age though. This is a BAD flu strain. If you have anybody over the age of 65 at home, do everything you can to keep them from getting the flu this year. Also, if possible, I could use all the prayers anyone can send my way. Hope you all are healthy.
  2. So I was awoken from a deep sleep with the room spinning. The light on the smoke detector was going left, my eyes couldn't catch up and I was getting dizzy, FAST! I sat up and turned on the light and tried to focus on one thing. Finally I was in control of my senses, but I was gagging like I just got off of the worst spinning ride of all time. My sympathies go out to anyone who has experienced Vertigo! Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I feel back to normal now, a day and a half later, after seeing the doctor and taking some meds. I certainly hope this isn't going to be a common occurrence, but it runs in the family. I just need to find the root of the issue since vertigo is a symptom, not a cause.