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Found 6 results

  1. (Forgive the earworm.) Since the calling of the new First Presidency, I've done some thinking about these men and who I know them to be. I've also thought about their families, specifically their wives, and it occurred to me that both Pres. Nelson and Pres. Oaks are widowers who have remarried. Not only that, but both of their wives navigated the LDS world as adult singles prior to their marriage. (Sister Oaks literally wrote a book on it. I haven't read it, and therefore cannot personally recommend it, but she wrote it nonetheless.) So when these two men speak to or about LDS single sisters, they're living with someone who knows. They have become one with one who understands what it's like to sit in lessons that probably don't directly apply to your current life's circumstances. They share their most intimate moments with someone who has spent years of their life without a hand to hold at night. Even though these men may differ in their demeanor, their methods, and their style in delivering their messages, I believe them each fully capable of understanding his wife's circumstances prior to their marriage. I know for certain how grateful Pres. Nelson is for Wendy, and how much he respects and reveres her thoughts and opinions. When they visited my area this summer, he called her next to him at the pulpit during his final words and delivered his apostolic blessing with his arm around her.
  2. Always loved this scene because Debra Winger is trying so hard not to laugh during the "awkward pause." You can tell she knows just how true it is.
  3. First off. I am a mid single and I love it, however this will be a question about eternal marriage. I do not want this to come across as a bitter rant, because it isn't. Noooooo, no, no. The purpose of this topic is to gain insight and get some theraputic release into why mid singles who are in their mid thirties go straight up weird and desperate. I'll elaborate.......For the past 11 years I have met a sizable amount of members at church, "the majority of whom are return missionaries, college graduates, and obviously active because I wouldn't have me them in the first place" who, starting right around age 28 begin expressing this sadness about not being married and begin to develop a deep, bitter regret about life. This sadness has reduced full grown men to tears and turned other wise polite, timid, ermm "awkward" girls into raving lunatics. I know that a temple marriage is one of the main goals every Mormon who's really a Mormon should aim for however why is it that they go straight up cray cray? I have had girls every year for the past 7 years try to guilt trip me into dating them and ask me in public and online to marry them. One time when I refused to be this girl's boyfriend she started to scream, cry and stomp her feet on the ground at a mall in plain view of everyone. Just last year a friend of mine asked me to be her boyfriend in a McDonald's and when I told her that I wanted to just remain friends, she broke down and sobbed in plain view of everyone for a whole hour. That kicked off a 5 month-long, downhill slide that culminating with her going straight up psycho on me, shaming me on Facebook and an attempt to get me fired from my job. I'll spare you all the the details about the stuff others have actually said up on the pulpit (Fast Sundays) to try and get attention in some really, really poorly calculated attempt to appear adorkable because quirky is better than boring.... right? I'm sure you've all seen your share. I'm not trying to lampoon anyone but I just want some answers. Answers to questions like, What is it about this whole being alone thing and even this whole getting old thing where seemingly normal people willingly transform themselves into human train wrecks??? What gets switched-on "or off" in the minds of people when they near the big 3-0 that they go completely nuts? I am getting sick of dealing with it, and when I have talked about these experiences with others I get treated like there is something wrong with me for having had anything to do with these people. And to think this all came about from me interacting with them because of my callings in church or just by sitting within 5 feet of them. Also I am currently living in Honolulu, and from what I've heard my experiences are not just unique to the church... but it seems like there is a large number of slightly "off" people who come here. Any insights, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Horrified and confused.
  4. Young single adult wards allow me to attend till I turn 31, Mid single adult wards start at 31. I'm 30 and I haven't been to church for over a year. Should I just go to Mid singles though I'm not 31 yet? It doesn't seem like there would be that many girls around my age in a YSA ward.
  5. Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on here. This week I had a feeling that I should start a new blog up about being a single girl in a community of predominately Latter- Day Saint people, and the struggles that come with it. I want to focus on how the Gospel and Atonement have helped me as I've been on this journey. I'm not sure how else to share this with people, so I thought I'd post it here. Just an Ordinary, Single Mormon Girl Do any of you have similar blogs? Or any blog that you would want to share with the community? Or maybe a blog that you've read that you thought was great? I'd love to start reading them!
  6. Newcomer here! Great to see a forum for LDS. I'm a 21 year old guy and was just baptized as a convert into the church, after two years of study and finally being certain this church is true. I firmly want nothing less than to be sealed in the temple with whoever I eventually marry. However, I understand that at my age, LDS girls are encouraged to only date returned missionaries, and thus while I've been relatively alright with girls before, I'm now perhaps at the bottom of the pool in that regard, as a convert who unfortunately can't do this (and, who has a one year waiting period before I'm even eligible for a temple recommend). As a convert, how difficult of a time would I have meeting a good Mormon girl who will take me seriously, or is it more culturally appropriate for me to look for converts like me? I want the non-sugar-coated truth here: I know every church has traditions, so if this is just the way things are I want to know so I don't go stumbling into a Singles Ward without knowing I actually belong elsewhere (or, that I need to distract the RMs with snacks/firecrackers first). Has anyone here ever dated/married a convert and this become an issue? Thanks :) (admin: if this is in the wrong spot, please feel free to move it. I'm slowly getting a feel for the board organization)