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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, so, coming back to church has been an exciting venture in many respects but especially with the re-acquisition of music I remember I used to love. I'm trying to accumulate a playlist for myself of the songs that I remember liking and really enjoy now. "Love One Another" "I Stand All Amazed" "Because I Have Been Given Much" "Scripture Power" "How Great Thou Art" "Army of Helaman" "Gethsemane" "A Child's Prayer" "Born is the Light of the World" "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" "He Sent His Son" "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" "Teach Me To Walk in the Light" "Keep the Commandments" "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" I go to the Susquehanna Branch and Priesthood Restoration Site for church and the past 2 years(I think; could be longer), the sister missionaries who were called to serve there all happened to be musically inclined and musically trained. So, very often, on Sundays, or for firesides and holidays, the 10-12 sisters would sing music for the congregation. I got to enjoy this in the 4 months I've been back, so, a couple of these might not necessarily be hymns. But you can kind of sense a trend in my tastes. Very upbeat or very deep lyrics. Some of these songs tend to be a lot of people's favorites. I wanted to find more through suggestions by people or to just talk about music in church in general. What are your favorite church songs? They can be hymns, primary songs, lds created songs, old music, newer music, anything! Edit: Adding to my list: "Be Still My Soul" "Did You Think To Pray" "There's Sunshine In My Soul" "I Love to See the Temple" "Book of Mormon Stories" "As I Search the Holy Scriptures" "Called to Serve" "How Firm a Foundation"
  2. I was surprised that there wasn't a topic dedicated to music, so I figured I'd start a thread about it. Post whatever you'd like! To start, here's two songs from the same album: This song is in most of my party playlists. Its got a catchy beat and most girls seem to like it This song is a bit different. I wouldn't play it at a party, but I enjoy the lyrics. I also recommend turning up the bass.
  3. My husband would like to sing a song with my daughter. He used to have the sheet music, but apparently it has been lost in a move. I have looked everywhere on the internet and can't seem to find it. I am hoping someone out there knows who the author is, or who sings it. We think it is called "I Am With Thee" It starts out, "Dear Father can you hear me? Are you there when I cry to Thee? Do you truly understand the desires of my heart and know that I long for they side? Do you know that life is hard? That at times I just can't see the reason or the purpose for the pain we must endure? Yet I know you are there, I can feel the peace within and I know in Thee that I have found a friend." If anyone has any info on this song I would sure appreciate it!!