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Found 1 result

  1. This is my first post ever on these forums that isn't a gospel topic. I something... But as I work from home and so you all pretty much represent the extent of my social interaction/friendships, if I don't share here, who will I share with? I just bought my wife* a new washer/dryer set. Here's quick story. Our dryer broke. We have a washer that's only a few years old. But it was the cheapest thing we could find. It's fine though. So the conundrum: Get a cheap dyer to match. Get a nicer dryer and make do with the cheaper washer. Get a nicer matching washer and dryer. Get a really nice matching washer and dryer. So, being an all or nothing kind of guy, I've been swinging back and forth from the cheapest thing possible to the super nice option -- back and forth, back and forth... We only need the cheapest, of course. But they are only supposed to last a few years or so. A bit nicer will last 10+, I hear. So I had motivation to not go the cheapest route. But then, of course, as soon as a step away from the one side of the pendulum... kerplang! the other side I go. If I'm going to spend this much I may as well spend a bit more...and if I'm going to spend that much I may as well spend a bit more...etc., etc.... Suddenly I'm from just under $400 to just under $2000. I flip out and swing back the other way. Kerplang! Then the process repeats. And so it went. What finally won out is my desire to make my wife* happy. And therefore you might guess which side of the pendulum I landed on. To be fair, there's a whole lot more expensive options to go for. And there was a Memorial Day sale going on. But I got what I wanted, and what I think she will be tickled to death with. And that makes me very happy. I don't even feel buyers remorse...yet. Of course the delivery doesn't come until next week, so maybe when it does it'll hit home and I'll feel guilty. But right now I'm just super excited...and super excited for my wife*. * I will admit, in the case of laundry, I tend towards being a male pig and don't do my share very often. But I make up for that by doing a whole lot of other things that are super helpful around the house...and will definitely help out even with the laundry if the wife asks for it or is feeling stressed or the like. Hopefully buying her a nice washer/dryer also makes up for it somewhat. Maybe having a nice washer and dryer will get me helping with the laundry more often too! Here's what I got: Washer / Dryer We considered the front loading thing...but stacking them, while allowing more space in a room (something we don't need to worry about much in our laundry space) makes for a pain in the behind in that the washer needs to go on the bottom, so you're moving wet clothes up. And it's just awkward. My wife's parents have that set up and we've found it to be annoying as we've had cause to borrow theirs through the years (this will be our 3rd dryer in this house...part of my motivation to get a nicer one). Otherwise, they're fairly nice if you get them with the pedestals (the way my parents have them), but then you're adding $500-$700 to your overall cost...for a couple of boxes to raise your machines up. I don't think so! So we went with the traditional top loading washer and a cool dryer that opens two ways to make easy loading from the washer, and easy unloading to a clothes basket. Should be super cool. Plus the washer is HUGE. 5.0 cubit ft. I'm very excited! Feel free to congratulate, scorn for overspending, or ignore. :)