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Found 1 result

  1. I have a friend who I am trying to teach the gospel (in our normal conversations) and he at least respects what I say and doesn't try to prove me wrong on anything. But when I mentioned the fact that when you die, depending on whether or not you accepted the gospel here in this life, you will either go to Spirit Paradise or Spirit Prison, I think this stuck a little too much for him. I have a feeling that he's stuck on the idea that he can live his life here on Earth how he wants (indulging in whatever Earthly pleasures he desires) and then when he dies he'll accept the gospel when he is in Spirit Prison. I don't know how to explain in a way that he would understand that choosing that "path" is not as beneficial as he thinks. But his mind is so set in an "Earthly" mindset that I don't even think he could comprehend the idea of the type of eternal blessings that come from the covenants you can make in the Temple, or the blessings that come from living a righteous life here on Earth. Is this something that I can help him understand or is it something he just needs to learn on his on? And maybe that means the hard way and he won't learn it until Spirit Prison... Thanks for the help.