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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all! I have three questions about Mormon beliefs: -Do you believe that God controls everything that happens to us in life? or do you believe He only controls some of what happens to us? -Do you believe that God created our spirits? and if so, why did He create our spirits? -When God told us that He wanted us to come to earth and be tested, did we have the option of just saying no and staying in Heaven with Him, or did we have to? Thank you!
  2. I live in the Kingdom of Seahawks. There are more “12th-Man” flags than there are American ones. Seattle deserves to enjoy a good sports team now and then—we’ve had so many heartbreaks. Still, it almost seems cultish to walk into Starbucks, Target, or even some banks, and see the staff wearing the same uniforms. During the late 80s I taught in Asia. The government was a military dictatorship at the time. To counter cries for freedom and democracy leaders employed a “3-S policy.” They made sports, screen and sex (red light districts) readily accessible. Keep people entertained, they figured, and they won’t revolt. Of course poorer countries have relied on government-subsidized alcohol for generations. Even the turmoil over sex and gender identity causes me to wonder if we are missing the deepest meanings of life. If I am who I sleep with, or I am how I feel psychologically about my gender—if these matters constitute my core identity, then self-fulfillment remains the highest order. What if God really made us? What if our Creator loves us? What if He has plans for us? Does it matter? Are we too distracted to notice or care? Good games are great! Our intimate relationships connect us with love—the highest good. Movies can be powerful and meaningful. However, true joy comes from God. He is love. Life’s ultimate meaning is to reconcile with Him and discover his good plans for our lives.
  3. Three ideas: 1. Our spirits are made of matter (D&C 131:7) 2. Our spirits are gnolaum – that is, without beginning or end (Abraham 3:18) 3. Matter had a beginning, only coming into existence sometime after the Big Bang Can these statements be reconciled with each other ? If so, how? If not, which one is not true or needs to be reinterpreted/reconstructured?
  4. My husband would like to find out who he did baptisms for if at all possible. Apparently the night after we went he dreamt that a large group of soldiers thanked him. It was a neat experience for him, one he realizes may have been a neat coincidence, but he'd love to find out if possible, if it could have been a real thank you from his brothers. Thanks guys!
  5. Yes, I know, you were just itching for another weird question from me, weren't you? Well here it is. Back when I was still a toddler, I fell down a full flight of stairs. As a result of my injuries, I had a NDE (near death experience). From as far back as I can remember I've had visitations from folks who have already left this life. I don't go looking for these things to happen, they usually come to me and tell me their own stories, and sometimes ask me to contact folks who are still here. Yup, I know, the natural inclination is to say, "That's a lot of bunk, LeKook!", but it has happened to me and I'd be lying if I said it didn't. So my question is: What is the LDS teaching about these types of experiences? I was basically told when I was with the JWs that I was evil when I told them these things happened in the past, and were still happening to me. I couldn't resolve my desire to serve God and the fact that this is how I was made with the whole JW concept of being evil. If these things are evil, why have they happened to me all of my life, why do they continue to happen up to now? There's no "shut off" switch; most of the visits happen when I'm asleep and when I wake up I have all the details (names, places, years, whatever details are shared) and I've been able to verify these details with real people and/or recorded details (places of birth, death, etc.). I've even prayed and asked that this stop but the answer seems to be no. It's just who I am - and I'll never actively seek this stuff. Given the choice, I'd rather not deal with this at all! Anyway, that's my story - how do I resolve something like this with the teachings of the church? I'm open to suggestions, folks... I don't have a clue how to answer this one. Thanks - please be gentle, I'm just asking a question, LOL!!! -LeKook P.S. Scriptural references appreciated!!! :)
  6. I’m just curious what Mormon religious leaders (bishops and the like) and/or missionaries think about bad spirits, or maybe even ghosts? I’m not 100% sure weather “ghosts” exist (although I have experienced some VERY creepy things). But I KNOW there are evil spirits. So if a home is having trouble with unpleasant spirits, what does the church do? Do they perform blessings in the home, or on a person? Do they take any kind of action against it? Or do they prefer people just ignore it to smother it out? I really don’t hear a whole lot about this with LDS, so I was just curious. That’s pretty much the majority of my question. But for those who are interested in ghost stories, below, I will post the more specific reasons for wanting answers to this question, via my own personal experiences. Most of these things happened in my grandmother’s house, as it usually does. There are always lots of problems there, these stories are very common occurrences: Incident #1 (1999)-- I was staying at my grandma’s house one summer (on my mom‘s side), when I was 18. Several of her grandchildren live with her, because their parents were in jail. Grandma told me she was going to go pick up the kids from school. I said “ok”. I sat there waiting alone in the large, old, 2-story, 4-bedroom house. I was on the couch in the living room, watching TV. My only company was the family dog Cody (a large, brown pit bull mix), who was laying at my feet. Suddenly, I heard a loud thump coming from upstairs. I muted the TV, and listened. Then I heard distinct, heavy footsteps walking down the upstairs hallway (which is just above the living room). Cody heard it too-- he jolted upright and looked toward the top of the stairs. I heard one of the bedroom doors creek… So I thought somebody might be up there. I was kinda scared, but I ventured upstairs to check. I searched the rooms (closets, under the beds), checked all the window locks, etc. NOTHING. All was secure. So I went back downstairs and resumed my seat on the couch, Cody once again sitting at my feet. But this time, he wouldn’t relax… He was tense, sitting upright, and staring at the top of the stairs. Then he started growling, low and rumbly. He made his way toward the stairs very slowly, his back hairs raised. When he reached the bottom step, he paused, barking and snarling viciously! Again, I muted the TV and yelled out “HELLO??” ….. Then I heard BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! All the upstairs bedroom doors had slammed shut hard, one after the other. I completely freaked! Cody whimpered and ran over to me, and hid behind me. So I grabbed his collar and ran out of the house, probably faster than I‘ve ever run before. I sat on the curb outside the driveway, and didn’t go back in until grandma got back with the kids. It wasn’t the first time something like that happened, and to this day, I refuse to be alone in that house. I didn't tell grandma about it though, because she thinks spiritual stuff is just rediculous. Which is why nobody has ever been called in to bless the house, she probably wouldn't go for it. Incident #2 (1999)-- This happened a few months before the above incident. My cousin Nichole and I were at my grandma’s house. Grandma had taken the younger kids to Marine World, so me and Nichole were alone. We were in the back yard, by the pool. Nichole was practicing tricks on her skateboard, on the cement. I was relaxing on the white wicker patio furniture. Suddenly we heard a very loud, low, male voice yell out, “NICHOLE!” from the window at the top of the staircase. We both turned to look and we saw a very tall, very thin man standing in the window. He wore a black coat with a white under shirt. He had black hair and a mustache. Nichole and I looked at each other and I said, “Did you see that??” She said yes, and described the same thing I saw. We looked back up again, but there was nothing there. Now, keep in mind, this man’s head was way up at the top of the window, and it’s a LONG window! A person would have to be nearly 8 feet tall for their head to be that far up the window. We both ran inside, to see if someone was there. We checked around, but there was nobody. It really freaked us out. Incident #3 (1995)-- This happened when I was 14 years old. It was mid-August. Me and my 3 cousins (all a few years younger than me) were helping out with cleaning grandma’s house. I was not an active member at this time, and none of my cousins had ever been to church, much less read any bible. Our grandma asked us to sort through some of the junk in the old chest in the back closet, and throw out anything that was broken or useless. So there we were, going through a few old items, when we ran across an old Ouija board. It was still in the cardboard box, along with the curser. We took it out and decided to play around with it. We sat in a circle around it, gently resting our fingers on the curser. I didn’t actually touch it, because I didn’t want to be accused of moving it. We had this silly little “concentrating” moment, and then we asked it if there were any spirits in the room, and the curser pointed to “yes”. So we asked a few more questions: Are you someone we used to know?-- No. Did you pass away recently?-- No. Are there any messages you have for loved ones? -- No. Have you ever been alive on earth before?-- No. Are you an older spirit?-- Yes. Are you an angel, or a messenger of god?-- No. Where are you from? -- G-E-H-E-N-N-A I wrote the letters down on a piece of paper, and since none of us had ever heard of such a place before, we assumed it was either a silly nonsense word, or one of us must have been messing around. At the time, my dad and I lived in the same town. After I went home, I told my dad what we did, and he looked at me like he was disappointed. He went to bible college, and he is very religious (a baptized member, but not active). He knows a lot about the bible, and is very spiritual and liberal-minded. But he does not approve of stuff like that. Right away, he told me “You shouldn’t be playing around with those things.” Well, I told my dad about all the questions we asked and the responses. Then I told him about the name of the supposed location we were given… He looked at me kind of puzzled and asked, “Wait a minute… How was it spelled?” I showed him the piece of paper I wrote it down on. He looked at me like he was concerned. I shrugged and said, “What??”. He stood up, walked over to the end table, opened the drawer and pulled out our Bible. He flipped to the “concordance” as he called it, and looked around for a minute. Then he walked over and laid the book in my lap, pointing to the word “Gehenna”. Basically, one of its definitions was another name for ‘hell’. I looked at dad kinda freaked out, and he told me, “Like I said, you shouldn’t be playing around with those things. Don‘t do that again.” And I haven’t. I’m just saying, I think something is up in that house. If people get out of there, they are peaceful, happy, friendly…. But when they go in that house, they fight and yell constantly, and say the meanest things. Even get physical.
  7. I've always felt like an odd ball in my own family. For the longest time some in my family would have me think I have a good imagination (because I was a child while mentioning this too them) and others having me think I was off in the head for seeing and hearing what I could. As far back as I can remember, I have seen, heard, smelt, and been touched by spirit people. Some of them family members, others I have no idea who they were. I don't go hunting them, they find me. I'm wondering, if I am also an odd ball here as well? Have you ever seen spirit people? Do you know anyone who does see spirit people? Does the idea that there are flesh people who do actually see, hear, talk, smell and been physically touched by spirit people make sense to you or does it bother you? Just curious if I'm an odd ball here... :)
  8. Hello all! I have some questions about some doctrinal points my dad and I have been discussing lately. I would appreciate some expert answers or links to expert answers. The questions are as follows: Why did the old testament god ask Joshua and the israelites to kill everybody innocent or not? Why did the soldiers have to cleanse and isolate themselves for awhile after killing people? Was that a form of repentance? If so, why did they have to repent if God told them to do it in the first place? When an alcoholic or other such addict dies, can he posses a human body in attempts to regain the feeling of being under the influence of thier addiction? Are the spirits in prison, paradise, and the 1/3 of the hosts of heaven cast out with satan, mingling in the spirit world? If so, why? What rules are there in the spirit world, if any, that might impede the spirits from possessing, haunting, or interacting with the physical world? When people say that they have felt a cold hand on their body, is that a spirit actually touching them, a physical reaction due to your spirit trying to connect with the spirit world, or is this all just phooey? Again if any of you would like to answer these questions please tell me how you got the answer (like a talk reference or LDS book/manual reference)? Here is another: Can anybody tell me who gave a talk about something to do with molecules and the science of miracles (It had something to do with how Christ walked on water by in a sense talking to the molecules of the water and that those molecules responded because they recognized the authority of the voice. There were other examples of miracles in this manner too)? Thank you all :) dashb78