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Found 5 results

  1. While following and even commenting on the recent topic on evolution (, I have a slight sense of foreboding as we begin our study of the OT this year. Lesson 3 ( is on the creation, and, as the other thread (and many of the other attempts to discuss the topic on this forum over the years) shows, it has the potential to become a long debate generating more heat then light and otherwise getting bogged down in some irrelevant sub-topics. My intention is not to rehash the same discussion -- that can continue in the other thread. My intention here is to get advice and counsel from the peanut gallery mormonhub crowd for teachers and participants to make these lessons productive. What topics should be included? What should be avoided? I notice that the manual does not even acknowledge that these kind of debates exist. Is it better for the teacher to follow the manual and hope it doesn't come up or acknowledge the debate and explain that he/she does not want to delve into those kind of questions? When do you bite your tongue if someone brings up a topic on the "don't talk about that" list? When do you stop biting your tongue?
  2. So, starting in 2018, there's no manual for priesthood and relief society instruction. Instead, we've been asked to move to a format where the 1st week is a "council" discussion among class members, 2nd and 3rd are chosen by local leaders, and 4th Sunday is church wide discussion topic. I'm looking for any kind of training or examples on how to manage specifically those 1st week councils.
  3. I taught RS this Sunday. It was a wonderful experience for me! The topic was ch 17 from the George Albert Smith manual "The Strengthening Power of Faith". At the end of relief society there were very few dry eyes because of what we as sisters had shared with each other about faith. Driving home I ask my wonderful eternal companion about his third hour experience... his responce "the teacher read straight from the manual and I had a hard time trying to stay awake". I guess I just came to ask why. I know my husband is capable of feeling and responding to the spirit... as are all the men in the elder's quorum for that matter. :) Why does there have to be such variance between RS and EQ with the same topic? Is it such a hard thing to ask that men open up and share spiritual things with each other? Is it too hard to ask for a little planning ahead instead of reading the manual ver batim?
  4. Hi all, I have a question about the role that Sunday School plays in our learning/spiritual progression. Just to clarify, I have a strong testimony of the truth of the Church and the Savior, and the Book of Mormon, (I served a mission as well, have had many callings, etc). Over the past 2-3 years I seem to be getting less out of Sunday School (gospel doctrine, elder's quorum) meetings. This is primarily due to having been a member of the church my entire life, and it seems the lessons are continually repetitions of the same material, year after year. I understand the need of the church to keep the material doctrinally basic (the milk) because the church is growing and there are so many new members. For example, as a missionary we teach very basic principles of necessity, this is completely appropriate for where the young members and investigators are at. However, it seems to me, at a certain point in our personal spiritual progression, lessons learned through church sunday school classes become less pivotal in our development. Indeed, for myself, the temple and personal study/revelation have been much more instructional. So, my question is, does there come a point in one's spiritual journey, where one's development will come more from personal revelation and study, and thus the very basic lessons presented currently in Sunday School will be less helpful? I enjoy attending sacrament meeting and feeling the Spirit there, but often I feel time spent in sunday school is very unproductive because the lessons don't seem to be helping me to progress. Often an argument is that we aren't preparing ourselves before attending the meetings, yet I read scriptures and pray daily, attend the temple regularly, fulfill callings (2 at this time), etc. It has dawned on me that perhaps the time comes in one's progression when the role of the church meetings and basic level of gospel instruction there plays less of a role in one's development (like in school, when one learns what is taught in grade school, they move on to new instruction, etc). I don't say this out of any pride, rather, I am completely honest in acknowledging this. Am I correct in thinking that there comes a time when the majority of one's instruction won't come from church lessons, but rather from personal revelation and experiences? Thanks =)
  5. In Sunday School classes, 2012 will be focus on The Book of Mormon. I, being the Sunday School teacher in my branch, am quite excited to be delving into the pages of this great book of scripture. Once, on my mission, I ran into someone of another faith and he asked me a good question, "Why is the Book of Mormon necessary?" "Why do we need it if we have the Bible?" I gave him the best answers I had at the time (clearness of doctrine, 2nd witness of Christ, etc.). I wanted to hear some of your input on why we need The Book of Mormon. What does it offer to you? Any input is welcome. Thanks.