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Found 1 result

  1. All right I thought I had read quotes about this years ago but I wanted to know if anyone could give me info quotes about the LDS stance on animals talking. We all know about Balaam's donkey. I am sure we are taught that animals can speak in the life after because of the four beasts in Revelation because they are praising, praying, and speaking to the Lord and to John. I believe Joseph Smith indicated that the four beasts were four actual noble beasts and shows that animals have intelligence and are capable of obtaining glory. There is also the situation concerning the serpent, but that's a bit controversial since we don't know if it was a literal serpent or just a symbol of Satan, even though I thought I read somewhere that Satan drew a number of serpents over to his side, can't remember where I read that. In Cleon Skousen's book the first 2000 years I thought he stated that the tongues of animals were confused at Babel just like the tongues of man, but he's known to have some pretty wild ideas. I was hoping to find some concrete teaching from Joseph Smith or other Church Leaders. Oh and this is not directly connected with the first part but I was wondering if someone could point me to an anecdote with Joseph Smith, with him meeting with some brethren and they were swatting flies or something like that, and he's says to them, "If you knew what I know you wouldn't do that." I wanted to know if that was accurate and if so were it could be found.