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Found 9 results

  1. I'm teaching a lesson based on President Nelson's conference talk from April 2018 titled " Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives". My question is, Is it possible for personal revelation to contradict general Church or local leadership revelation? For instance, can a Bishop get a revelation that you should have a particular calling, you pray about it and come up with a different answer (revelation??). Am I even defining revelation correctly? Just looking for some thoughts......
  2. I'm looking for some ideas about a challenge that I have with my visiting teaching partner. My partner and I have been visiting teaching together for about 5 months. We have 3 ladies that we visit. None of the ladies that we visit have small children. Their children are either young adults that live with them or grown and out of the house. My partner and I both have kids living at home. I have a tween and a toddler. She has 3 kids ranging from 10-1. When we go visiting teaching she almost always brings all 3 of her kids with us. Her kids are cute, and good kids, but they're pretty rambunctious and don't have a lot of boundaries when it comes to other people's homes. They won't sit quietly or read a book and wait. They like to wonder all over the person's home, ask for things, climb and jump around on the furniture, interrupt while you are trying to visit, touch things, knock things over, play fetch with the person's dog etc... It's very hard to 'minister to' our ladies while all of this is going on. Our ladies are always very sweet with her kids, but I can tell, it's a bit stressful for them, and I don't think they enjoy having us visit them. Often, the woman whose home we are in has to ask my partner to please not allow her kids to go upstairs, or has to ask my partner's kids to please not touch things over and over. I've tried a few things to creatively address this issue. At first, I volunteered to have her kids play at my house while we go and have my husband watch them. We did this and it was great for us, but pretty stressful for my husband. He was a good sport, but I could tell it was stressful for him. I could volunteer to have them at my house again, I'm just not sure I want to stick my husband with her kids every time. I'm hoping I can find a better solution. This last month, I tried having her set up the appointments, thinking that maybe it's a scheduling issue and that if she set up the appointments, she would set them up when her husband is home to watch the kids. That didn't work. She scheduled them, and then brought all 3 of her kids. I have also suggested that we just send a text/email to our ladies, but my partner felt that a face-to-face visit in the person's home was necessary. With the new changes to visiting teaching in 2018, I'm hoping I can find some ideas on how we can meet the needs of our ladies that may not require a traditional sit-down visit, as maybe a possible solution so, today I sent my partner a text asking her to read with me the "Learning to Minister" article on and asked her if we could get together to go over the changes together and brainstorm ways we can implement them with our ladies. I asked her when she would like to meet. She told me a day and time later this week. After we set it up she texted back and said "I'll have to bring my kids." :). (It's fine. I'm happy to have them play with mine, I guess. I was just hoping we could have a productive discussion without a lot of distraction.) So, I told her "Ok. They can play with my kids while we meet up." I know her husband and her have awkward schedules. It's not your typical 9-5 M-F, but he has 1-2 nights a week when he's home. My husband and I both work M-F 9-5. I want to handle this situation the right way. I don't want to hurt her feelings, or make her feel weird. Do you guys have any advice or good ideas? What would you do if you were me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I am new here. I am not a Mormon but my late husband was a mormon and we truly had a wonderful marriage. We had 2 children together they are now 8 and 6. My late husband passed away 5 years ago so our kids do not remember him or going to church. I would like to teach them or at least attempt to explain what their dad believed to them. Do you think that they are too young ? I don't know too much about the faith and I have forgotten most things. What do you think I should teach them first ?
  4. Everyone faces challenges. Some challenges can be tough to overcome. While the Spirit of Zion can be built on any hill or in any valley, the true mission of the Church can not be fully realized without resting on a firm Home Teaching foundation... not only do I believe that... it is supported by HT data. Home Teaching efforts strengthen a ward in every possible way. A lack of Home Teaching efforts degrade a ward in every possible way. Home teaching is a priesthood responsibility of teachers, priests, and Melchizedek Priesthood holders. Home teachers “visit the house of each member, exhorting them to pray vocally and in secret and attend to all family duties” (D&C 20:51). They are assigned to families and individuals to “watch over … and be with and strengthen them” (D&C 20:53). They “warn, expound, exhort, and teach, and invite all to come unto Christ” (D&C 20:59). Where possible, home teachers visit members in their homes at least monthly. Home teachers may also find other meaningful ways to watch over and strengthen the families they are assigned...they may render service to the families or contact family members by mail or telephone. Home teachers represent the Lord, the bishop, and quorum or group leaders. HT'ers consult with the head of the household about the family’s needs and about ways to be most helpful. Home teachers become acquainted with family members’ interests and needs and recognize special events in their lives. ... home teachers help parents ensure that their children are blessed, baptized, and confirmed. They help parents ensure their sons have the Aaronic Priesthood and Melchizedek Priesthood conferred upon them and are ordained to priesthood at the appropriate ages. Home teachers help members strengthen their faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and encourage them to make and keep sacred covenants. This service is especially important to new members and less-active members. .
  5. There are many strings on this site about how the church is grappling with LGBT issues--remaining true to God, yet showing love and sensitivity. Turns out even conservative Evangelical churches are paying a price for holding to truth.
  6. I have a friend who I am trying to teach the gospel (in our normal conversations) and he at least respects what I say and doesn't try to prove me wrong on anything. But when I mentioned the fact that when you die, depending on whether or not you accepted the gospel here in this life, you will either go to Spirit Paradise or Spirit Prison, I think this stuck a little too much for him. I have a feeling that he's stuck on the idea that he can live his life here on Earth how he wants (indulging in whatever Earthly pleasures he desires) and then when he dies he'll accept the gospel when he is in Spirit Prison. I don't know how to explain in a way that he would understand that choosing that "path" is not as beneficial as he thinks. But his mind is so set in an "Earthly" mindset that I don't even think he could comprehend the idea of the type of eternal blessings that come from the covenants you can make in the Temple, or the blessings that come from living a righteous life here on Earth. Is this something that I can help him understand or is it something he just needs to learn on his on? And maybe that means the hard way and he won't learn it until Spirit Prison... Thanks for the help.
  7. Hello everyone! I need some advice. I teach a Primary class for 5- and 6-year-olds. Recently, a family moved into our ward with their 5-year-old girl, Nina (name changed, privacy, all that). She only speaks Spanish, and she's too young to be in Kindergarten, so I don't think she's learning English in school, either. I feel really bad because I speak approximately *no* Spanish (I've got "Hola" and that's about it) and the other little kids don't speak any Spanish either. So basically I'm just some strange woman in a strange classroom that speaks to her in a language she doesn't understand for an hour, which makes me sad. I make an effort to smile and make sure she's included in games and activities, but I'm not sure how to reach out to her and make her feel welcome, loved, and happy. So -- if anyone has suggestions on how to teach a multilingual classroom or how to learn Spanish for the purpose of teaching these classes, your comments are very welcome! Thank you so much. :)
  8. I taught RS this Sunday. It was a wonderful experience for me! The topic was ch 17 from the George Albert Smith manual "The Strengthening Power of Faith". At the end of relief society there were very few dry eyes because of what we as sisters had shared with each other about faith. Driving home I ask my wonderful eternal companion about his third hour experience... his responce "the teacher read straight from the manual and I had a hard time trying to stay awake". I guess I just came to ask why. I know my husband is capable of feeling and responding to the spirit... as are all the men in the elder's quorum for that matter. :) Why does there have to be such variance between RS and EQ with the same topic? Is it such a hard thing to ask that men open up and share spiritual things with each other? Is it too hard to ask for a little planning ahead instead of reading the manual ver batim?
  9. :) I thought it might be fun to start a thread on your favorite teaching hint. It does not have to be Nursery just moving forward the Gospel through our youth. *One of the things I do is arrange on the wall just opposite of where I am teaching all those things I am teaching. Stories and Activities words, major points I want to make, and songs ( only the words ), and schedule so that with a glance I know where I am. This also helps my assistant and any adult visitors know what I am doing. I tell all the adults if you stay the words are on the wall so please help. This way my eye contact can be with the "little ones" and not on a manual. If you can get their attention you can teach. *Coffee filters for holding snacks. You can buy a lot cheap. *Safety tip: turn chalk board upside down , putting tray up at the top. You can still use the chalk board but the tray is not at eye level for these little ones. * Put contact paper or postal tape over the legs of the brads after they have been opened. This will make it harder for the little ones to get the brads out and pop into the mouth.