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Found 2 results

  1. I have no clue if this is the right place to be sharing this but I've searched for forums where I could get advice from people with good faith... and I really need some. Let me start this off by saying, while I am technically not a member of the church and for awhile I didnt believe in God... my perspective has changed. Mainly from my (ex) boyfriend. he never asked me to join the church, or anything of the like. But one day I was telling him about my feelings and he told me he thought I should pray... and so I did... and I felt so much better. I felt like someone else cared enough to do something for me which brings me to my next point, after that I prayed constantly. for a lot of different things, but what made me really have faith in God was when I would pray about my relationship. I would pray for us to get through a fight, and we would. I would pray for us to be happier, and we would. I would ask for signs, and I'd receive them and they were ALWAYS accurate. Towards the end of my relationship I prayed to God about it and he gave me signs saying it was going to end and somehow I knew I should distance myself... and I did. And pretty soon, my boyfriend broke up with me. Well now, I've been praying and I dont feel like this was truly the end of my relationship, because it doesnt hurt that bad, it is hard to completely explain this but I prayed to God and asked that my boyfriend and I could get back together some day, and after praying about it I felt instantly happier and I have felt MUCH better... is this God trying to tell me that things will work out? I'm sorry, I'm just so new to praying, but I know God had come through for me in the past. I just feel like this isn't the end. Someone please tell me!
  2. This is my story... Well, Here I go. My problem started because I began to explore my body when it began to change. Ya, Puberty lol. I grew up in a family where we didn't discuss sex or anything related to sex. I think this can have a toll on a boy who is discovering new changes everday it seems like. See needless to say, I eventually "discovered" masturbation. Immedietly, I was guilt ridden. I didn't know it was wrong until about 3 years later, when I was fourteen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm on wikipedia, all this vast information and I'm curious what they have to say about the church. I see the law of chastitiy, wow, yep thats all bad stuff, I will never do that cuz I want to go to the temple. BOOM! It hit me, Masturbation is against the Law of Chastitiy. I couldn't believe it, this is terrible, I'm going to hell what am i going to do. What do you do when your are frantically worried about something like this? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNET, because I cant go to my parents and I'm not sure if its serious enought to confess. Unfortunately, the Internet isn't the safest place to research masturbation. I came across the most disgusting things, but I could't find my own answer. I knew I wasnt supposed to look at nasty pictures so I tried to stay away from those, but I was curious, was I the only one going through this, my age my situation or even any boy our there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I look up masturbation stories, this took to a world of what i think is called Erotica. So I dealt with this problem for some time, I believe this made me feel guiltier. By the way, all this time I felt detached from the church, participating but I felt like my work was wrong because nobody really knew me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never did look at porn pictures, until I got a phone. A smartphone allows so much secrecey, and now I can look up all those questions that nobody can answer. I was curious, is my penis the right size, shape whatever. Guys, you know what I'm talking about, burning questions. So I look up pictures, and it seems wrong but not that wrong, I mean I have one of those so how bad could it be. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Internet, does in fact have an unlimited amount of pictures from people that are obsesed with their own bodies, guys for some reason love to take pictures of themselves. So I was exposed to all of this pollution to my brain. But, the Internet took it upon itself to go beyond just pictures of privates, It wanted to show privates together. So I was finally exposed to sexual situations. From there, it seemed to have just skyrocketed into a probem compared to my gradual exploration in my earlier years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summer, 2011. Im 16, we're moving and staying with relatives. I have nothing to do, nothing. So I look up porn on my phone. It was strange, I actually never used that word in a search inquiry, but I decided thats what I've been doing all along, why lie to myself. From their, ever since I "decided" that it was ok I guess, nothing was wrong to look up. Before, I would never look at actual nasty scenes but now, it's like why not. BTW, I didnt go to church during the summer, for sure this has to do somehting with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, Im 17, all my promises of stoping have been pathetic. But, I feel a tide turning, I had to tell this to someone. Even to all of you out there, no body I'll ever meet. I can't talk to my parents about anything, hopefully I wont have to. They call me the perfect son wayy to much, weird burden. But, the Bishop set up a meeting this Wed without me knowing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any of you guys have advice for me? my meeting is tomorrow! What's your story?