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Found 8 results

  1. So, I have been searching documentation and/or a source from official church sources to back up the notion that a general authority does need a recommend to enter the temple, but such, is a lifetime recommend and does not expire. Does anyone know where I can find this information, or anything to expose something completely different? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  2. I am a convert. I have been thru a temple recommend interview only one time. When I did I simply answered yes or no to the questions. Then when I was asked for my testimony I gave simple I believe statements like when young kids go up front on fast/testimony Sundays and give their testimony. I'm very quiet and don't say much. I'm also not good with words. Am I suppose to say more than yes or no during the questions? How long is my testimony suppose to be? I know what a testimony is but I don't know how much to include especially during a temple recommend interview. When I think of testimony I think of saying a short sentence about what I know to be true about God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Joseph Smith, TSM, the other general authority, church of JC of LDS, BOM, the gospel and....I don't know what else. Is that too much or too little?
  3. I am assigned to teach Quentin Cook's Seeing Yourself in the Temple talk from the most recent general conference. One of our bishopric's key concerns is the lack of temple recommends held by ward members. Should we address this as part of the lesson? The number of recommends has dropped dramatically in recent years. My guess is that this drop reflects a drop in full tithe payers as the number of factory jobs dropped and many families moved away as jobs dryed up, leaving poorer people behind, the discouraged unemployed. We could break into buzz groups to discuss how to increase the % of temple recommend holders? I was picturing that part of the solution might be to fast to increase the %, but I would not like to suggest this personal seems a bit pushy.
  4. Hello everyone, I have been extremely discouraged lately about my inability to get a temple recommend. Every time I get close, I shoot myself in the foot and ruin everything. I haven't held a temple recommend since I was 12, it's been 10 years. I work so hard to try to improve, but it feels like I'm spinning in a hamster wheel. I am engaged to a wonderful Mormon girl. We are both active in the church, and have been dating for 21 months. If I had a temple recommend, we would already be married. Unfortunately, I've been working through a 11 year porn addiction, which started at age 12. Through all the ups and downs, I've never given up. I recently have been getting closer and closer to a temple recommend. I've been "clean" for 2 months, which has been difficult and miserable, my withdrawals feel like torture. So being 2 months clean felt great, then I goofed up again. My fiancé and I got handsy, and engaged in in appropriate touching. Between my being clean for 2 months, the resulting withdrawals and cravingsfrom this insane addiction, and two sex-starved young adults, we just had one night where we were both very weak. Its important to note: we did not have sex. We did not touch front genitals. We engaged in other inappropriate touching (petting). Im terrified. Completely terrified. How will our bishop react? Ive been "clean" from my addiction for 2 months, and bishop wanted me clean 6 months. Will this recent petting transgression between my fiancé and I put us back at square one? Or can I hold my head high and continue to say, "I've been clean for over 2 months" and we will simply keep plugging along and trying to better ourselves? Just very worried this will delay our marriage plans even further. It's an awful feeling. Obviously we both regret what we did, and wouldn't do it again if we could go back and fix the mistake. Please, no judgemental comments. I've worked my butt off to fight off this addiction. Countless men inside the church struggle with it. We have been dating for 21 months. We broke down ONE night and engaged in petting. Don't judge. Most relationships in society have sex and sexual touching on the first date or within the first week of dating. We went 21 months without any of that, and still haven't had sex. We are active members of the church, and truly our trying our best to improve ourselves and stay strong together. Both of us feel a lot of pressure right now. Everyone keeps asking us when the wedding date is. It's my fault we haven't set one yet. This entire situation has already been extremely painful for me, and now this feels like another brick on the shoulders. I want a temple recommend, and I desperately want to marry THIS girl in the temple. I love her so much, we are the best of friends. That was a lot of talking and explaining. Ultimately my biggest question boils down to: Can I repent and get a temple recommend within the 2016 calendar year, between now and December 31st? Gosh I hope like crazy this process doesn't take longer than that. Since everyone is expecting us to set a wedding date soon, I would hate for us to get dragged through the mud and still not be married when 2017 comes around. Helpful comments and advice only, no judging. Thank you! GoldenOrange
  5. Do you need a temple recommend to be a volunteer at a temple open house? It's not dedicated yet, so it makes sense that you won't have to, but I don't know.
  6. I am a 14 year old girl, unfortunately i have had a boyfriend. I let him touch my breast ONCE and he also kissed my neck. That was about a month ago and i broke it off with him and completely forgot about it. I got a temple recommend today and i said that i kept the law of chastity and I had no idea what necking and petting were, but then i looked it up after and it said necking and petting aren't allowed and stuff. I am feeling terrible. What should i do? I have prayed several times but i feel like i am missing something
  7. Hi all, I had a long conversation yesterday with another family in my branch, some really good friends of mine. I'll paraphrase the crux of what was said to see what you all might have to say: They went in to see the Branch Pres. to renew their temple recommend the other day and as the interview went on, tithing came up. They admitted to me that in 2011 they missed a few "payments" on tithing due to some emergency circumstances, and that's what they told the BP as well. The BP answers with this: "pay your tithing up to date, including everything that you missed in 2011, then continue paying your tithing in in SIX months, come back and we'll have this interview again". They as well as I know that you've got to pay a full tithe to get the recommend. The BP not renewing the recommend for that was a good thing, a good lesson for the husband since (according to him) he's always had a problem giving the full 10%. All that aside, I'm seeing two issues here: 1) Why is it required for him to pay 2011 if that year is already done and he declared himself a partial payer in settlement? 2) Why should he have to wait six months? I don't consider this to be an addiction issue like WoW or pornography where a waiting period is needed to aid repentance and overcome addiction. He isn't addicted to paying partial tithes. I told him to be up to date THIS year and talk to the BP again, express his testimony on tithing and his desire to go to the temple, and repent. What do you all say?