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Found 10 results

  1. My family (my parents, siblings, and I) were sealed in the temple when I was a teenager. Now 2 of my siblings have resigned from the Church. My parents are inactive but still members. What happens to our sealing?
  2. Hello, My husband and I are visiting Utah this November to meet his brother who's serving in Salt Lake East when he gets released. Also, this is the same week as our 1st anniversary. We want to visit at least 3 temples, but since there is so many near the Salt Lake area, which ones would you recommend? I know every temple is beautiful, but we wanted to experience the temple in different ways and they are all unique. Also, understand the culture/ history along side the blessings of the temple. We would visit all 17 if we could, but since we can't do that in a week, which temples near the Salt Lake would you recommend us visit for a first time in Utah trip? (yep it really is my first time in UT ) Thanks!
  3. I don't intend this to be a church criticism post. Let me be clear: I have a testimony of the gospel. However, there are some things I've always wondered, and have never found an answer that feels exactly right. I'd just like some other perspectives. I grew up with inactive LDS parents who are not sealed in the temple. As a child this really bothered me...with all the talk of forever families I wondered what that meant for mine. The only answers I can get are: "It will all work out in the heavens" or "Its about sealing everyone back to Christ; not who you're gonna be with in heaven" or something close to these explanations. So, what I wonder is; well....if it's not about who we will be with, why does it matter? Why the push for a "forever family"? If it's all gonna be worked out in heaven (I won't be denied blessings because my parents aren't sealed) why is it so important? I have absolute faith that it WILL all be fine because I believe in a loving God, but when there is such a HUGE focus on this, why aren't there more clear answers? I can't believe that a righteous, loving family just won't be together in the after life because they didn't go through a ceremony in a specific building. What about those couples who have circumstances we can't put into our neat little boxes? Such as; a couple who are sealed, but the man dies early and the woman remarries someone who can't be sealed to her because she's already sealed but they have children and live 60 years together? Or my grandmother who out-lived all 3 husbands and loved each of them the same. (And there are dozens of other scenarios). Perhaps this is what the mellenium is for, so I keep my faith that God has a plan I just can't understand in my mortal state. But it seems our idea of what SHOULD be is very idealistic and limited. I often also wonder...what could be done with all the time, effort and money that goes into the temples themselves and then the hours spent working and attending them? Could we not do more good by serving those ALIVE? Even if the symbolic ceremonies need to be done on earth, could we not have less extravagant places to do it?
  4. While reading President Packer's The Holy Temple, he discusses Elijah and that the New Testament refers to Elijah as Elias, the Greek. Having read newer Bible translations my whole life (NRSV-CE, RSV-CE, NAB) the New Testament uses Elijah, not Elias. Though somehow I knew the whole Elijah=Elias thing already (possibly from reading the Douay-Rheims?) Anyways, all this I have no problem with. President Packer than states that Elias became a term for a forerunner, one who comes before. So for example, John the Baptist is an Elias. OK, so far so goo. No complaints, I'm following along and will agree 100%. Then comes the part where I get confused because Latter-day Saint history regarding temples is somewhat new to me. Three ancient prophets came to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple, Moses, Elias, and Elijah. If Elijah is Elias, why did he visit Joseph and Oliver twice? Why didn't they just identify him under the same name? If it was another prophet, why not name that prophet instead of just using the title of forerunner? A skeptic could look at this and say that Joseph did not know that Elias was Greek for Elijah so while making up the story made it two people and providing a "smoking gun." I believe in the prophetic revelations of Joseph Smith, I just wonder who this Elias was in the Kirtland Temple.
  5. What do I do? I know that my Husband is breaking his covenants, but I don't know what to do. It isn't my responsibility to tell our Bishop - only he can repent, but it's straining our marriage. My husband is recently unemployed and looking for work, I am employed full time and at work all day. My husband has (or what I thought was prevously) struggled with an addition to pronography and masturbation. We have talked to our bishop and his temple recommendation and priesthoods were revoked for two years. Recently, just this month, we were able to attend the temple together again. For me, this was the first time I was able to attend the temple ever. I'm a convert to the church and I had many apprehensions to overcome as well as addictions of my own. However, taking the temple prep class + prayer and meetings with the bishop allowed me to overcome my addictions to be completely worth of my recommend. I made 100% sure of that. June 9th was my endowment and I recently just went back to the temple for the second time on Monday (the 18th) with my husband. After we left the temple, he says to me that he realized that it's not enough to tell Satan to begone from our presence to relieve our addictions but that we have to do this, plus we have to move away and forward. I had hope in me that we were both maintaining our worthiness. Come to find out, last night we were intimate and he could not finish. I knew from previous experience that meant that he had pleasured himself earilier in the day. I asked him to stop, and asked him sincerely to answer if he had. He said that he did and I thanked him for his honesty. We went to bed with that being said, but since then I have been so upset. I just cannot allow him to enter the temple having violated these sacred covenants nor preform his priesthoods in our home knowing that he may not be worthy to have them. It's not my saying, it's up to the bishop, but I feel he obtain his recommend under false pretenses and I am just betrayed. I love my husband dearly, but I am not sure what to do. He is very prideful and stubborn. He does not like being told what to do, and in previous times when he has done something as "little" as masturbation, bishops have often given him the "resist temptation" speech. But this goes further, I know he has a problem and should not be allowed to continue to violate such convenants without serious circumstances. Even having preisthoods, recommend, and sacrament revoked for 2 years seemed to do nothing...I am at a loss. He just doesn't seem repentant....any advice on what do to?
  6. Is it required once you become a member of the church that you have to participate in the temple rituals? Are they related to the Book of Mormon and the Sacraments? Can someone describe what to expect when they go to a temple? Finally, does one have to go to the temple located in your stake to do these things or can they be performed in any temple if your a member in good standing? Thanks for helping me clear up my confusion! :)
  7. the title of the post might be a little misleading but here goes: Is it an absolute that the ordinances of the temple today are the same as the ones of the the Old testament temples? My hypothesis: is that our modern temple ordinances existed in one form or another since before the apostasy but that they weren't necessarily required to be preformed within the sanctuary of a temple. My evidence: there are well know examples of temple ordinances being preformed outside of temple walls. the first endowments were preformed in Joseph's red brick store and later Brigham Young preformed and endowment on a mountain top. many sealings were preformed in the endowment house before the Salt lake and saint george temples were built. It is also commonly known that Baptisms for the dead were preformed in the mississippi river while the Nauvoo temple was being constructed. My conclusion: the element required for temple ordinances are a) the proper authority to administer said ordinances. b) an area (not necessarily a temple) set aside for the purpose and c) worthy participants.
  8. my husband and i have been married almost a year now. he was sealed to his first wife but i wasnt sealed to my first husband. his ex is completely crazy, involved in drug use and distribution, is sexually active with multiple people she wasnt married to, drinks & smokes, has been convicted of child abuse and neglect and, no big surprise, became completely inactive. but before she dove into the crazy pool, she had 3 wonderful kiddos with my husband. (all of which i am raising full time since we have full custody and she only gets limited and supervised visitation) my husband is seaking a cancellation at my request because i cringe at the idea of being with her in eternity. i am a convert of 2 years now and i know i dont have all the answers, so if this is wrong, please educate me! is it wrong of me to not want to be sealed to him while he is sealed to her? and what are the chances they wont grant the cancellation? his ex is also severly ill. (lupus that has lead to kidney and heart failure and diabetes apparently) i feel so torn on the issue! i desperately want to be sealed to my husband, but the questions about his ex are overwhelming me. what if she gets her act together and we are both sealed to him? is there some way she could work out her salvation after death? as in...if she dies living the way she is now and still sealed to my husband, could she somehow work out her awful choices on earth and become worthy to enter the celestial kingdom? therefore ending up with us in eternity? i am kinda banking on, if we are only granted a clearance and they wont grant a cancellation of his sealing to her, her not living worthily to enter the celestial kingdom. nut can she reverse that after she dies? i am soooo confused! and all my bishop and husband can say is "have faith. there is order in heaven and Heavenly Father is just." but i know the verses about that which is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven. how do i take the words of men over the scriptures?
  9. I was reading 1Nephi 11 and was struck by how similar this chapter is to the endowment. has anyone else noticed these similarities in any other books of scripture? moses and abraham come to mind.
  10. My title is kinda long, but I am just curious, if you have time and money, what places would you visit? I would love to visit all the operating LDS temples in the world. How about you?