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Found 2 results

  1. I was at a trans* support group a while ago - wherein I explained about my baptism and how, while it doesn't change my feelings on gender stuff, it does mean that I'm not going to transition because it's not what God wants. I've been going to that group for around a year now and it's always fun. But today, when I was leaving, I was saying goodbye to one of the people in the group and I actually held out my arm to shake his hand. He looked at me like "WTFudge?" I've never shaken hands with my friends like that before - it's not something anyone really does in Ireland - but because I'm now so used to doing it every time I meet a church member/missionary, it's become a habit! Do any of you have similar stories, where you do something that's only ever done among fellow church members, but you do it with a non-church member? How did they react?
  2. My first post to the site, and the site looks good, but at the moment its difficult to understand how to use it, tried to create a page, just do not understand that as there does not seem to be any place that you can enter information!!!. But like most things, the penny will drop sooner or later. I live in England, i am a none active Mormon, once known as ''Jake Mormons" i believe, lots of reasons, i suffer from Tourettes Syndrome, did you know that only one in ten Tourettes sufferers swear!, if there are any other Touretters out there, say hello, and if not, say hello.