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Found 1 result

  1. And if you know what movie that "line" comes from then you're super cool. But that's not the topic of this thread. My questions are: do you tip and how much? In more depth.. Do you tip based on quality of service? Or do you tip regardless of service quality? Do you just throw a couple bucks down? Or do you tip what's recommended (15%-20%)? What establishments and/or services do you feel should or should not be tipped?My dad is a bit old fashioned. He believes a tip should be given to show gratuity for great service. My husband on the other hand is a tipper and a good one, although there have been times he's been unimpressed or unhappy, and tipped just a few dollars. I haven't really ever had to tip since when I eat out it's with hubby and he pays. But I always tip my hairstylist and nail tech. I have a friend though that does not tip at all. She struggles financially to begin with and so I can see where leaving a tip may just be too much. I'm not judging.