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Found 4 results

  1. Build a Wall Me '20 Federal Workers No Wall No Trump '20
  2. So, it's hit the news what many expected, that Mantafort would be charged. His charges, from what I understand it is NOT actually directly connected to Russia, NOR is it a direct connection to the campaign. Instead, he is connected to the Ukrainian government up until 2014 (when the guy he was working for/contracted with ran off to Russia). In this, he was working with Ukrainian agents prior to working on the Trump campaign. Now, if anyone is listening, the Ukraine is definitely NOT Russia. The best they can say (and this is actually true from what I can tell) is that the government entities he was working for at the time were Pro-Russian (which, as I can tell, is true, as I stated). These guys and the US involvement in Ukraine politics is what sparked off an entire political unrest and border skirmish/war (depending on who you talk to) after the leader fled to Russia. However, claiming he was a Russian Agent in this instance is like claiming someone who is working for Bernie Sander's campaign in getting elected was a Swedish Agent rather than a campaign manager and planner for a US politician. This stinks to high heaven of political manipulation. I really am thinking that the FBI shouldn't go off a dossier paid for by an opposition party to the President, and in this case, it actually smells more like a Clinton-Russian connection. Think about it, who profits more from throwing dirt on the Ukrainian government prior to 2015...Russia or the Ukraine. Sure, there are those in the Ukraine that would want to discredit that government, but by doing so they also discredit the current government to a degree, and give credit to Russia's seizing of land and a naval port. On the otherhand, this can act like a validation for Russia's seizure of Ukraine interests, as well as their own interference. The fact that it is a connection to the Ukraine government directly, and not the Russian government, as well as it was acted upon by the FBI after the Democrats paid for this information from what appears to be individuals that may be Russian double agents (who also had contact with the Trumps, at least Trump Jr. and also who tried to weasel their way into the Clinton graces when she was SoS) seem to me to implicate the Clintons moreso than Trump. Add to that the recently come to light (at least to me) sale of US uranium assets to a Russian Company...and it seems pretty grim. What the heck is going on with the FBI. Right now it seems like they may be in the side pocket of the Russians. I am normally considered liberal on these boards (but I'd say I'm more centrist than anything in relation to the US), and I find this stuff alarming. If there IS corruption in the Democrat party, I want it rooted out as quickly as possible. A good cleansing, the quicker, the better (so it has less impact on the elections, and a lesser impact on the presidential election of 2020 is what I'd want...keep it around like they are it's just going to taint the party and everyone who runs under it). Plus, I don't want anyone who is complacent with a foreign nation in that way being part of the Democrats. I hope I'm wrong, but it really kind of smells like there are some major rats in the Democrat party with strong connections to Russia. From the information I've read about thus far (and granted, it's not much, the FBI hopefully has a LOT more than this, otherwise this looks a LOT like conspiracy of the FBI with Russia in collusion TBH), what comes out sounds more like it's connecting the Democrats with trying to manipulate the elections on behalf of Russia than Trump or the Republicans. (and that would probably stem to the Clintons more than Sanders...if it were Sanders, we're back to trying to implicate the Swedes...LOL). PS: It could be that this is the guy the FBI stated was already under investigation before they even started the work on the Clinton's campaign paid for work sheet. It still beggars the question in regards to the worksheet itself, and various other things that seem suspiciously to point towards Russia in regards to Democrat corruption. Some may say, protect the party at any cost, but I would say, get rid of corruption completely and then, hopefully, the rest will follow as people see the Democrats as more honest than others...personal opinion of course.
  3. I posted this on LinkedIn, and thought I would share it here, to see what folk think.
  4. With protests in many cities around the US I wonder if protesters will ever recognize the real problem. It is not Donald Trump and all he has said (as bad as it is). The fundamental problem is that over time we have allowed one person to have such power over us. On his word alone the country can go to war, he can issue executive orders effecting 100's of millions, and he can even tell store owners who is allowed in their bathrooms. A recent article I read said it so well: Unfortunately, I don't think the protesters will see that power is the problem. I suspect nothing will curb the power of the President or this National government short of internal conflict, if even that does. Instead, the left will try and elect someone who can "stand up" to the right. In return the right will try and enforce their will, and the real loser in this game will be our personal freedom. Am I just pessimistic? Does anyone ever see the possibility that the President, Congress, or this machine we call government will lessen it's hold over us?