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Found 1 result

  1. I'm deeply confused and even saddened, after reading a thread from a different LDS forum website. Obviously the website has no official affiliation with the Church, yet it is still operated by LDS members. I saw and read this thread of about how 9/11 is just a conspiracy and all of this nonsense. The Mormon Truthers were all insinuating that Bush and elements of the US government actually intended to create mass death, terror, and sorrow and they were all suggesting this under the "Secret Combinations" banner. How can Mormons truly believe such propaganda? It is a little disconcerting to me. I don't doubt that there are secret combinations in the US, in our government, and abroad internationally; however, I am quite saddened that fellow members would insinuate that the official 9/11 story is a fraud. I also found threads insinuating that Reagan belonged to a secret combination conspiracy group, that the CIA tortured children under Reagan's consent, that the CIA conducts human trafficking and Satanic rituals, that Obama is a CIA plant, that Bush is a member of Reagan's secret combination and assassinated him for more power, and that groups such as the freemasons (who supposedly had a large influence on the Founding Fathers) are secret combinations that pledge to destroy the world. I'm torn because I KNOW certain facts that are occurring in this world and in the United States that many would consider conspiratorial rhetoric. I'm worried that maybe I'm wrongfully judging these fellow Church members as conspiracy nutcases, when there actually is truth the their accusations. The problem is that they sound so crazy to me that I highly doubt they are true. They can't be, which also troubles me greatly. Until recently I never realized how many "fringe" Mormons there actually are. And what's worse...I actually AGREE with them on SOME political topics, just not any of this. How could members of the LDS Church be led so much astray, yet remain active in the Church? Or am I the naive one? What are your thoughts on these troubling matters?