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Found 1 result

  1. RipplecutBuddha

    Abusive Relationships

    Even though I like to keep things light here, this one's pretty serious. A co-worker of mine is in an abusive relationship. I just realized it tonight, and it's pretty serious. She's only been working with me for about a month, though we aren't always on the same shift. I've already noticed bruises on her face and arms. The matter gets more serious, however because she's informed me that her husband thinks we're intimately associated. Not only is that 100% false, the very thought has never occured to me. She's great to work with, and it makes me frustrated because I want to be able to help her with this situation, but at the same time, I don't dare get too involved lest the husband sees something that he interprets as confirmation of his suspicions. I've already got the information on my cell for the local women's shelter in case she needs it (I've already prayed that it won't come to that...but real life carries on...). I guess I'm wondering what exactly the next step should be, or if I should just distance myself for now and hope things cool off for her. In a related matter....what's up with spousal abuse anyway? I know it's come up here before, but seriously...who in their right mind thinks that it's the best way to treat someone they claim to love?