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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    A geeky question

    Hi everyone, I am curious as to what everyone thinks about using video game emulators if you are playing old video games (Super Nintendo and Genesis) for which you already own physical cartridges. So far I have refused to do it because I worry it would not make God happy, and I think everyone can agree that downloading video game ROMs for which you do not own the physical cartridge is dishonest. But sometimes I look at my cell phone and shake my head, because i think it is not living up to its full video gaming potential (thanks to the fact the google play store is full of casual gaming shovelware). So, what do you think? Is emulatig cartridges that you already own morally OK? Or do such thoughts come from the devil? Should I be a real man and take up watching sports (something I just don't get the appeal of)?
  2. It's not often that the former president of the American Psychological Association makes the front page of The Christian Post, but this article is so spot on! Now to grumble a bit. Why is it that when we preach this from the pulpit we're just meddling, prudish religious tyrants?