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Found 3 results

  1. The link below describes a liberal professor who tweeted that Trump must hang. He claims the quote was out of context, and that it should be protected academic speech. In a vacuum, I find his excuses questionable and his content despicable. However, if this were say 2007, I'd agree with him that his speech should be protected. Alas, too many conservative academics, actors, sports & newscasters, etc. have seen the wrath of PC intolerance for free thought and speech, so I'm inclined to say the professor must go. I am sad though. I wish we could just all agree to reinstate the First Amendment.
  2. So I heard a quote from the For the Strength of Youth in Entertainment and Media that I need clarification on. It says, "Do not attend, view or participate in anything that is . . . violent . . . in any way. Do not participate in anything that presents . . . violence as acceptable." When they say violence do they mean fighting, wounding, blood, or what? Obviously Blood spurting everywhere and body parts getting chopped/shot off is violent. But is, for example, Legend of Zelda violent? You kill things with a sword. How about, say, a movie where they stab real people with swords? In many action movies, people are shot. Even PG movies. Some Parental Review sites put things under violence that are even just a slap. Does it mean we can't watch a movie with any violence? I live in Utah and everyone sees movies where people kill other people and fight. My friends play games where you shoot people. Is no one supposed to do that? If we aren't, how come they haven't put more emphasis on it? Where is the line? Should I not watch action movies? What is deemed violent? Thank you for your time!
  3. In my ward, a lot of the youth play video games. Xbox, Playstation, PC, you name it. We play all kinds of games, from Guitar Hero/Rock Band to Halo. We do occasional parties where video games are involved, and one of my fellow deacons owns a variety of vintage arcade games. Anyway, I find that enjoy playing certain games that my parents don't seem to like. For example, I love playing Doom, Quake, and the Halo games. I also play a little Modern Warfare every now and again. But my parents do not like these games. "violent" and "evil" and some words used by them to describe the games I play. I know for a fact that a Mormon, Sandy Peterson, was one of the creators of Doom and Quake. Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions from other Latter Day Saints. Are some of the games I play bad? I am not offended by the violence, and I despise games with sexual content or heavy swearing. I just find first person shooters very fun.