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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    To be honest. . .

    Ladies, I need an attitude adjustment lately. I really try to find the joy in life and be thankful for my womanhood, but right now, I'm kind of hating it. I am not a feminist. I am pretty traditional, and I've had good men around me all my life so I don't really have a problem with the patriarchal order of things. Maybe it's that I'm in a place in life where I have young kids and a husband that's always working and not a lot of freedom. But tonight as I did yet more dishes and laundry, I just started feeling like it's not fair. I get all of the grunt work, and none of the authority and freedom that my good husband seems to get. Don't get me wrong; I love and appreciate him and I know he works hard at a job he doesn't always like. He presides over our home righteously and defers to me in many things. I guess my issue is that he has had somewhat of a choice in what his daily work will be. He works in a field he finds interesting and enjoyable at least some of the time. But no matter what, as a SAHM, my work will always be dishes and laundry and cleaning and changing many diapers a day and running the errands and seeing to the stuff that the breadwinner can't, which right now is everything. . . the errands, including his, the yard work, the parent-teacher conferences, the car maintenance, etc. He's great about taking over so I can get out, if he's not working and I have the energy to go anywhere, but that doesn't happen a lot. Let's not even touch the fact that if I die before him, I could get saddled with another wife of his choosing, and he never has to worry about that. It's strange to feel this way, because I've almost always found delight in being a woman. I don't know, maybe I'm just tired. Do you ever feel this way?