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Found 5 results

  1. Short story- there's a guy I really like who's currently on his mission (a mission is where a young man at the age of 18 who has already graduated high school devotes 2 years of his life to preaching and teaching the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. All young men in the LDS church are expected to go on a mission if they are worthy and choose to do so). He's only been on his mission for barely a month now. I wrote him a letter a few days after he got to the Mexico City MTC (Missionary Training Center except in Mexico City, it's called CCM). I just wrote some encouraging words, and left him with an inspiring scripture that applied to serving a mission. I paid for the stamp that was needed to send the letter, and I sent it, but I'm not sure if he's gotten it yet because he hasn't written me back. I've talked to my parents about this, and they said to not worry about him sending me a letter back because each day for him at the MTC until he goes into the field is completely filled from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed. My parents also said to continue sending him encouraging words, and scriptures I find that will keep his morale up. His parents also had a piece of paper at his mission farewell before he went on his mission that people could put their e-mails on and get weekly updates about his mission, and I put my e-mail on that list, so I know I shouldn't worry about a direct response from him, but I was wondering if missionaries usually write back to those who write them first whether it be by paper or by e-mail. Do missionaries usually reply to paper letters after they leave the MTC and are in the field, and they've gotten used to the routine? Would it be better if I e-mailed him instead of writing letters? Thanks!
  2. I have a temple prep question, if it's ok to ask it. Where in the temple may I write? I'm an avid journal-er, partially because my memory is simple gone nowadays, and I don't want to forget my first trip to the temple... I don't want that memory to be gone. Additionally, the written word is how I pray: how I distill my thoughts for Heavenly Father and the medium through which I listen to the still small reply. I... I don't want to be banned from writing.
  3. My first question being: When i write, do I address him as "elder" or as his first name? we've been friends for years! Also, he left fairly recently. Do you think he'll even want to hear from home so soon? Call me crazy adventurous and wild, but if it were me being 2000 miles away from home, I wouldn't want to reconnect too soon. Also, i've heard so many mixed things about what to write and what not to write it's not even funny anymore. "Write about what's going on at home, he'll like feeling connected to his friends." "Don't write about what's happening at home if you can help it, he'll be focused on his mission if you are." I already get the whole "no 'i miss you's and 'can't wait to see you again's." I'm talking a little closer to the fine line of frivolous things. Thanks so much you guys :)
  4. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Geoffrey Miller. I'm a catechist, cantor, and subdiaconate candidate at Our Lady's Maronite Catholic Parish in Austin, TX. I'm also a Camaldolese Benedictine Oblate. As a twenty-five-year-old graduate student at Texas State University-San Marcos, I live the evangelical counsel of poverty by force of circumstance, not by choice. When not consuming ramen noodles or writing papers, I enjoy learning about theology, especially as it pertains to living out an authentic Catholic spirituality in the modern world. I sport a pimped-out wheelchair as well. Growing up, my best friend was LDS, but we never discussed our beliefs in depth. After his passing last summer, I've become curious about what Mormons believe and practice. I'm also writing a novel with Mormon characters, so the more I can learn, the better. Cheers and God bless!
  5. Hello everyone, Sorry I've been absent from the board--I'm still trying to figure out how to market, promote and write books while still being a wife and mom. Not to mention that I belong to several writers' groups. I wanted to suggest that anyone who is interested in being a writer should look for groups in their area. Many will hold writers' conferences that you can attend even if you don't join. For those of you in Utah like me, check out: League of Utah Writers: annual conference in September (all genres) LDSStorymakers: annual conference in April (LDS market) Writing on the Wall: annual conference in February (sci-fi) Utah Christian Writers: conference in September Utah Romance writers: Heart of the West October conference