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Found 23 results

  1. Hi there! I'm new here, and I need some advice. I am in the YW presidency, and our president just told us Sunday that her husband accidentally walked in on one of our young women in the bathroom video sexting with her skirt down. We have two bathrooms in our building that are for either men or women, so there was no ill intent on the part of our y.w. president's husband. We all encouraged her to talk to the young woman, or at least alert her mother to the situation. She said that she spoke to the mom, but not about anything specific, just asked the mother how the y.w. was doing at home. My concern is that this young woman may eventually, if she hasn't already, be sending videos and photos that can be used to then black mail her into doing things she may not want to do, possibly even ending up in an unwanted pregnancy. I would like to know what anybody else in this situation would feel they need to do? This young woman is also our babysitter, and we really love she and her family. If this were my daughter, though it would be hard to hear, I would want to know so that I could monitor her technology use(or even take it away) and reinforce some I just a crazy helicopter mom in this new era of readily available explicit technology and pornography? We all only get one life to live, and I certainly don't want this young woman to ruin her life with a naive, stupid mistake. HELP!!! Thank you for your thoughts!
  2. I've often wondered if transgender is a politicized label for those suffering gender dysphoria, who've decided to transition rather than cope. Dr. Michelle Critella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, seems to think so. (see their position papers on sexual identity issues) Is she and her organization on to something, or are they really just a hate group all doctored up?
  3. I am an 18 year old member of the church who has struggled with depression for some time. Even though I have had small bouts and shown slight signs of depression in the past, may biggest issues started last year around October when stress from deciding what I would do after high school triggered something that brought major episodes of depression. Since then, it has been a roller coaster with trying to deal with what I am facing. I told my parents and eventually sought a therapist. I recently made an appointment with a psychiatrist and starting in late January, I will be on antidepressants. Throughout all of this, i am going to school and trying to live life as normally as I can. I originally planned to go on a mission, but I decided I would not be able to until I got this under control and now, I honestly don't even want to go on a mission anymore. This whole experience has left me seriously pessimistic and hopeless about the future. I know that the church is true and everything that I have been going through has been a trial I am meant to bare in order to test my faith, but I find the idea of going on like this immensely bleak. I honestly can find no reason for going on in my life and find nothing to bring me joy any more. I even try to date and find things that keep my mind off of my doubts, but nothing has worked. Dating is hard, especially since there are not a lot of Mormon girls in my area. I have run out of ideas and I find myself with so little will to live, I fear that eventually I will wish to take my own life. Up until this point, I have rejected all thoughts about taking my life because I know the pain I would bring my family, but I am afraid that eventually all thought and feeling will give way to the temptation so heavily put upon my head. If anyone can give a word of advice or help me in the direction to finding a purpose, I would be very grateful.
  4. Since I know that LDS have just finished Conference, I figured this post of mine might resonate: (Taken from my facebook & linkedin update)
  5. Anybody else seen this? I'm staggered by the response in the comments: What can we do as youth leaders to help stem this flood of negativity in our wards?
  6. As many know, the Brethren have been trying to help the church membership place an increased importance on keeping the Sabbath holy. As part of that effort, our bishop has felt that our youth need to learn a greater appreciation for the Sacrament. Not just keeping it sacred and holy on Sunday, but keeping it with us throughout the week. We can preach and preach at them, but getting them to take something into their hearts is another thing. We've talked about some kind of interactive activity or experience to help them understand the Sacrament, but beyond that, we've pretty much come up short. In discussion as the YW board, we've tried to figure out what more we can do. I suggested working it in to every lesson we can, and of course showing by example and testimony what the Sacrament means to us. The problem is, I'm not even sure a lot of us have given it enough thought as adults. So my question to you is, what do you do to make the Sacrament more meaningful in your lives, and what suggestions do you have for helping the youth do the same?
  7. Do we really want to teach our youth that cheating is okay, if you don't get caught? Should they learn that when you are older, more professional, cheating gets a slap on the hand? The Patriots cheated. They should be disqualified. The Super Bowl should feature the Seahawks vs. the Colts. Amen.
  8. Brilliant article I particularly love: "The more fundamental problem is that often our youth, not to mention many adults, lack the kind of nuanced approach to information that they require to be able to evaluate the facts in distinction to the narratives about the facts. They have been conditioned by mass media, public schools, and often academics themselves to accept uncritically any narrative that carries the label “scholarly consensus” or “science” at face value. For them, “science” is functionally little more than an appeal to a culturally acceptable authority which they are expected to accept largely on blind faith."
  9. Today's youth are like the Brother of Jared - YouTube
  10. My 10 year old is a stand out soccer player and was asked to play on the spring select/all star team. We accepted under the condition that she wouldn't be able to participate in games on Sundays. This decision has been so hard for me (Mom) and my daughter. I never allow my daughter to see my struggle with this commitment but stay strong and encourage her that she is doing the right thing. I feel horrible that she has to feel the weight of the disappointment from the team, parents, and her coaches that she doesn't play on Sundays. I feel frustrated keeping this commitment when our Bishop watches the Superbowl on Sundays, families vacation, watch sporting events, travel, etc. and yet my daughter can't play in a couple Sunday games throughout the year. Also, championship games are always played on Sundays and our team was undefeated going into out championship game on Sunday and we didn't attend and the team lost. At the following practice a teammate told my daughter you are the best player on the team, we would have won if you were there. Sorry, I'm venting and struggling with this. My husband is fully committed to keeping the Sabath and is fine missing the games. My daughter gets sad when she misses a game but understands why we don't take her.
  11. I've created a blog to connect with others who are Latter Day Saints and to offer support or advice for other LDS' - specifically younger converts or members as I believe especially in the world today we are surrounded by sin and awful temptation (I am 18 by the way and female) This is the website - Choose The Right I also offer others to come forward with their stories and testimonies :)
  12. Has anyone experienced their silver medallion turning yellow? I've had mine for a year now and the back of it is yellow and the front is starting to yellow. Any suggestions on how to make it stop and to get rid of the yellowness? (I've tried jewelry cleaner and toothpaste).
  13. This is my story... Well, Here I go. My problem started because I began to explore my body when it began to change. Ya, Puberty lol. I grew up in a family where we didn't discuss sex or anything related to sex. I think this can have a toll on a boy who is discovering new changes everday it seems like. See needless to say, I eventually "discovered" masturbation. Immedietly, I was guilt ridden. I didn't know it was wrong until about 3 years later, when I was fourteen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm on wikipedia, all this vast information and I'm curious what they have to say about the church. I see the law of chastitiy, wow, yep thats all bad stuff, I will never do that cuz I want to go to the temple. BOOM! It hit me, Masturbation is against the Law of Chastitiy. I couldn't believe it, this is terrible, I'm going to hell what am i going to do. What do you do when your are frantically worried about something like this? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNET, because I cant go to my parents and I'm not sure if its serious enought to confess. Unfortunately, the Internet isn't the safest place to research masturbation. I came across the most disgusting things, but I could't find my own answer. I knew I wasnt supposed to look at nasty pictures so I tried to stay away from those, but I was curious, was I the only one going through this, my age my situation or even any boy our there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I look up masturbation stories, this took to a world of what i think is called Erotica. So I dealt with this problem for some time, I believe this made me feel guiltier. By the way, all this time I felt detached from the church, participating but I felt like my work was wrong because nobody really knew me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never did look at porn pictures, until I got a phone. A smartphone allows so much secrecey, and now I can look up all those questions that nobody can answer. I was curious, is my penis the right size, shape whatever. Guys, you know what I'm talking about, burning questions. So I look up pictures, and it seems wrong but not that wrong, I mean I have one of those so how bad could it be. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Internet, does in fact have an unlimited amount of pictures from people that are obsesed with their own bodies, guys for some reason love to take pictures of themselves. So I was exposed to all of this pollution to my brain. But, the Internet took it upon itself to go beyond just pictures of privates, It wanted to show privates together. So I was finally exposed to sexual situations. From there, it seemed to have just skyrocketed into a probem compared to my gradual exploration in my earlier years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summer, 2011. Im 16, we're moving and staying with relatives. I have nothing to do, nothing. So I look up porn on my phone. It was strange, I actually never used that word in a search inquiry, but I decided thats what I've been doing all along, why lie to myself. From their, ever since I "decided" that it was ok I guess, nothing was wrong to look up. Before, I would never look at actual nasty scenes but now, it's like why not. BTW, I didnt go to church during the summer, for sure this has to do somehting with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, Im 17, all my promises of stoping have been pathetic. But, I feel a tide turning, I had to tell this to someone. Even to all of you out there, no body I'll ever meet. I can't talk to my parents about anything, hopefully I wont have to. They call me the perfect son wayy to much, weird burden. But, the Bishop set up a meeting this Wed without me knowing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any of you guys have advice for me? my meeting is tomorrow! What's your story?
  14. I have just a question. Has any other young woman or sister ever been addicted to pornography? They always emphasize men and boys and i feel like no one really thinks girls make the mistake too. Am i the only one?
  15. I was addicted to pornography for 3 years. I am a teenager and i have been actively trying to stop for one of those 3 years. I am doing really well, but i have done really well before and slipped and fallen back into it. I wanted to know if i NEED to talk to my bishop. What if i am able to stay clean? Can i wait until i am out of my home ward and in college to confess? I dont want my parents to know. I have never told a single soul. I have a very strong testimony, i am just stuck. I love the gospel, and i am so thankful for the Atonement. But i need to know what i need to do?
  16. Hey there is a new group for youth in high school to have fun. You can do...anything! Talk about seminary, friends, school, family, church, problems, experiences, etc. Come join! Boys and girls are welcome. Go to: Groups-->Support Group-->Youth Group 14+
  17. Hey everybody, there is a new group for the youth of the Church who are 14 or older. Essentially if you are in high school you can join and talk about...anything. Seminary, school, church, friends, problems, family, etc. Check it out and join if you want! Go to: Groups-->Support Groups-->Youth 14+ *edit to add link* Groups » Youth 14 » LDS Social Network
  18. Hi everyone- I have been asked by the youth in my ward to give a fireside on FRIENDSHIP. They said I would have 30min of time. I am very nervous and have been searching the internet for ideas for the fireside. I would love it to be interactive and hopefully something that will inspire them to make and keep good friends. IF anyone has any ideas. . . please let me know.
  19. Is it okay if I talk about a site I made for lds teens?.. if it isn't then remove this thread. I made a site back in 2008 it got 36 memebers but everyone stop getting on it.. so now in 2010 I got back on it and started working on it.. I added more things do it etc. I was wondering if some of the teens from would like to join and be memebers and post and just get on and use it. It would mean a lot, I made this site so youh in our church will get to know one another. let me Introduce myself a little better. I'm 16 years old will be 17 on May 31st, my name is Michael and I'm teaching myself German, writing a book on ww2, I love going to youth cons, efy's, best of efy, church I love being a memeber of this church. I got a big family I'm the 3rd oldest out of 7. got a stronge testiomy, is very friendly. want to know more just ask. here s the url Endure To The End
  20. Hey Guys, I'm totally new here. My name is Erik and I'm 18. Are you guys at all interested in a site where you can get good answers to hard questions? I know I've had my share of hard questions, it's part of growing up. Well, this group I'm with called FRG is filled with member who want to answer your tough questions--any questions--about life and living the Gospel. Will you give us the chance? Not many people know about us yet, could you spread the word? If yes, check out the site at what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation Thanks! I look forward to getting to know you guys.
  21. Hey y'all, I hope this touches you the way it touches me! YouTube - blur documentary trailer - no distance left to run :lol::lol:
  22. This will be my first time joining a group like this. I'm a minimalist on the net. I have a question I would love to get some input on. Maybe I need to post it elsewhere on the sight. Here goes. Some background 1st. I was just barely called as the YW Pres. in our ward. The bishopric is strongly suggesting that we as a YM/YW organization do this fundraiser. Purchasing and putting together flags, and collecting monies, to post on members lawns during particular holidays. We are a little unsure. Have you done it? Pros and cons? Cons from our YM Pres. Some holidays will be schooldays. We as leaders may not be able to holiday. By displaying theflag on certain lawns only your saying who donated and who didnt. He has spoken to many leaders who say they end up doing it themselves because kids wont. Thank you!
  23. Young men and young women deal with different temptations than we did a generation ago. What are some of the new temptations and what advice would you give parents for teaching their children to withstand those temptations. One temptation that comes to my mind are cell phones. What do you do as parents to help your children avoid inappropriate texting, too much texting, inappropriate pictures and videos being sent, and using the phone while at church or school?