The Book of Mormon: A Book for Our Day

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The first time I read the BoM it took a couple months, the next time I read the BoM in five days, it took about 10 hours a day with only breaks to pray, eat, and work out. Since then I've just been studying so I cant say that I have read the whole thing since then but I havent tried so I guess Im on my third too, right now Im trying to read the Bible more, being the only LDS in my family I try to teach them according to what they know, Does anyone have anything totally ground breaking?

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As far as parralells in our day I see alot, Political Machinations,

pride cycle (laviousness/recession/depression) Obamas starting up the workforce again like Roosevelt. I think I see a trend with the gadianton robbers surrounding us as they did the nephites, kind of scary, Ive thought of the BoM as a playbook for our day as well as the rest but I know we are supposed to try our best to be peaceful (hard for a ninja) Has anyone else ever felt this or can they acknowledge my thoughts or is it anxiety/anxiousness?

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Reading it that fast really inhibits your understanding of it would it not?

I think that is too fast to really delve into it and understand it.

I have found that you need both. The Book of Mormon is different when you read it fast. You need those times when you read and study isolated books and chapters. But, I believe everyone needs to speed read it through at least once. I recently read 15 chapters a day, sometimes more, and picked up on so many things you just can't get by going slow and studying. However, isolating chapters and verses is still my favorite way to read it.

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There is value in different methods of study. I have found as I've read the Book through dozens of times (over 60 times), it has helped me to see patterns and tie different sections of the Book together. Why? Because I have become very comfortable with the language and the story. I now have phrases and words jump out at me that I can ponder and think about later when I'm not reading.

Do I spend time studying themes and concepts? Of course. In fact, speed reading with a theme in mind is a perfect way to learn the Book of Mormon from another perspective. Try reading to see all that is taught about Christ. Try reading to see all that is taught about Satan and wickedness. Try reading to see all that is taught that relates to the temple (there is a lot of it). It is a form of study to go through it quickly with a question or two in mind, and allowing the words to give answers as you go along.

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not being an "anti", because I'm not. I'm a former bishop and this was asked many many times to me. "If the BOM contains the fullness of the gospel, why is not the priesthood, temple marriage, temples, and so forth."

I lived in a university area and had doctoral students studying things like greek, and showed me how the BOM had greek word for word from KJ bible, inc errors, and I was speechless. I couldn't discuss this with these folks. I just told them that there are lots of things I dont know, that I dont need to know, and if I did know it wouldn't make any difference to me in how I felt/believed. They said "thats the standard mormon answer".

I of course told them that they could entertain themselves, but if this was something that got out and was preached, they would be asked to leave or forced, and that put an end to it. Its always made me wonder though. They make some very compelling arguments.

Then we get into the whole mess of the pearl of gp, and I dont want to even go there.

Again, I dont need to know it all, and if I was intended to, I would. So, I dont lose sleep over it. But I wonder why that info is not in the BOM. Anyone?

I do not want to have a heated nasty discussion. Just a curious one based on many questions asked me when I served in the capacity I did. Thank you!

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Much of the temple IS in the book of Mormon. However, it is hidden in plain sight. The focus of the temple is for people to return to the presence of God, and doing so by taking a symbolic journey through the premortal existence, earth life, etc.

We can find much of this throughout the BoM. In fact, I better understand the temple, because of the BoM. 1 Ne 1, 1 Ne 8-15, Alma 9-13, 3 Ne 11-27, and several other sections are tied directly to temple worship.

As for the Greek mistakes, I just think that Joseph used the KJV for some sections, making the translation easier. God wasn't going for absolute perfection in translating the BoM, but for inspired and true. Why don't you have those same students explain all of the evidences for the BoM? Chances are, they won't have much to say, because they are out of their league once they get beyond a few minor issues.

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Hi, thank you! I know about that stuff. These were not students. These were my favorite ward members when I was a bishop who came once or twice a year (christmas and easter) and when I would greet them and ask how they were doing, always asked me this stuff.

When I said "its not our job to worry about minor details like that", its our job to follow the commandments and as the D&C says "be valient in our testimony of Christ", of course they wanted "answers". Thats no "answer". I finally just said "its good to see you, I have to get ready for he meeting". I'm not going to argue debate or get suckered into their little game or whatever it is, so I didn't.

I was just curious if anyone knew some things that I didn't. THanks for the info. Have a great day.

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This looks interesting. Thank you.

I was wondering also, there are LDS churches that have disconnected from the main stream I believe? How could I know whether they are or not? I could be getting taught LDS doctrine that is not authentic to the real LDS church and I wouldn't know.

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I have the Book of Mormon, but what I wanted to ask is whether or not the LDS church has something like a Catechism of the Catholic Church? What I mean is, does the LDS church have a book or something which I may read up the beliefs from?

The closest thing to the Catechism in the LDS Church is a book called "Gospel Principles". It isn't as detailed as the Catechism, however it tends to serve a similar purpose. You can read it online here:

Gospel Principles

You can also purchase a copy here: - Gospel Principles: 2009 Edition

I'm currently Catholic, and am currently on Chapter 9 of GP.

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