Bullet proof Fasting

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After returning home from my mission, I quickly got a job to start saving money again. The job that I got was working the grave yard shift at a convenience store. After I had worked there a year a met a very special girl who I was considering marrying. We connected on so many levels. And she had such a powerful testimony. But I thought that I would take it before the Lord in fasting and prayer to get his mind on the matter.

So I decided to fast on a Saturday night that would go into Fast Sunday and then break my fast after our 11:00 o'clock block. So even though I was fasting I went to work at 11:00 P.M. The night went just like that other nights. I had busy periods and slow ones. When I was slow, I tried to prayer for wisdom and how the Lord felt about my choice. As the night wore on, and after I had finished most of my work, I had a visit from an unexpected guest. He pulled out the biggest gun I had ever seen in my life and shoved it in my face and demanded that I give him all of the money. He said a few verbs and additives that I'm really not allowed to post, and then grabbed some cigarette cartons, took the money and then ran out. In the last 6 months before that, there had been 3 clerks that had been shot and killed in our area. So when he left, I was eternally grateful, especially since he didn't make me holy all over my freshly mopped floor. I quickly went to the back room and called the police.

Time moved very slowly over the next 8 minutes. That was the time that it took for the police to get there. Now although I didn't know it, the gentleman who robbed me was out to the side of my store trying to get his motor cycle started. I guess it wouldn't start. And so after 8 minutes the police came jumped out of their cars and pulled their guns and told him to freeze. At that time, his motor cycle started. He gave it the gas. The motor cycle flipped over popping a wheelie and fell to the ground. My friend was quickly arrested and hauled away to jail.

The council that I always give to those who I tell this story to is to never rob a man who is fasting. But the better news is that despite this minor disturbance, the Lord answered my prayer and we have been married for 23 years.

I had one other experience while fasting. Again I was on my way home from work, but on a different morning. Church was to start in 4 hours and I was looking forward to getting a few hours of sleep before church. I was on my way home with my Kawasaki 400 Motor cycle and when I came to a red light I stopped and waited patiently for the light to turn green. It was a intersection with 4 lanes, and I was on the inside lane with a truck that was to my right.

When the light turned green, I could not move. There was a pause. The truck to my right pulled out and at that time, a Camaro went flying through his red light and smashed into the left side of the truck going 60 miles per hour. The one in the truck was hurt very badly as was the driver of the Camaro. But the Lord spared me a visit to the Celestial Kingdom at that time. I would have been caught between the two with no protection what so ever.

I have a real testimony of Fasting. Not just for the protection that I have relieved, but also for the closeness that it has brought me to the Lord over the years, and the answer that I have received. This is my story, but have any of you receive a testimony of fasting" Please share.

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Thank you for sharing, those were two very good examples of how fasting can be a great protection to us. I used to think that fasting was very unnecessary, but a few experiences changed my mind. I don't have anything truly spectacular (compared to your stories) to share, but it's thanks to fasting to prayer that I overcame the depression following a breakup of 3+ year relationship. The girl that I was with before her left me lonely for a year and a half and there didn't seem to be anything that could cheer me up. I didn't know how I would overcome it when it happened again... but I put it in the Lord's hands and I was happily single two weeks later. I've fasted for greater testimony... for answers to dilemmas that I couldn't have solved by myself alone... and they all worked out. Fasting truly works. It's just about showing God that we're willing to sacrifice for what we need.

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