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I thought I would post the latest here. I have pondered at times how to break the cycle. If I ate better, I would feel better, I would make better stuff, but I don't feel better so I eat what's handy and spiral down. Now mind you, I don't buy stuff that kills me, so there is a stabilizer there in weak moments. My wife has nothing related to this, gets an hour or 3 less of sleep per night than me, I float around 9-10 hrs a night, but have shaved it to 8 or 9 lately. Since she doesn't have this, she becomes a great help in keeping me floating higher in this mess than it might otherwise be. She is a good cook who gets the rules, and just how to break them...

On to another cycle. If I studied harder, I would do better, I would make more, I could buy everything and find out the best things among them. The reality, it hampers education, earning power, and therefore options on how to get out. Another cycle. No one can tell, but I have found usefull stuff on this thread, new stuff, reinforcement of things I have heard elsewhere, so I venture again with things I have learned, maybe, just maybe, it can benefit someone.

I have mentioned that we like David Williams around our parts. He had an issue last year where he devoted the whole thing to medicinal clays, Pascalite specifically. My dad was impressed and got a pound for all of us. I tried it, liked it for half a week, then didn't like it. I kept it handy for other listed uses, but a week or so ago I did one of my searches, see what comes up, what can beat this thing, it's cycling back on me. This one suggested diatomaceous earth. I think my Pascalite clay is in that category, and it's sitting in my pantry. I started taking it, needed a little less sleep, felt better, food started smelling better. A week and a half back on it now, today was terrible, started strong, got the blinding headache, got all the normal cravings that are against the rules to keep this at bay, but in that state of being, I couldn't get a bearing on what all these signals meant. With that, I ate all the junk, all the stuff that doesn't do me any good. I said I don't buy it. I lied a little. I'm married. Things end up here that are delicious and hopefully worth the price I pay for them. But they didn't crash me out so bad. In summary, I would point people who are interested to medicinal clays, and maybe Pascalite specifically since that is one I read good things about and have actually tried. Follow your own radar.

For breaking a cycle, it's cheap in comparison to almost everything I've tried. It seems to be enough by itself but also make my other supplements work better.

Garden produce grown in soil I spiked with trace minerals last year also seems to have taken me to another level. I have had a garden for 5 years and liked it, but I do think the trace minerals added something noticeable and good. Now my food does the same thing as some of my favorite supplements, which hasn't happened before. My wife is eating green lettuce from the garden and she has never liked green lettuce. Now she planted 4 extra plants to keep up. Food always had something missing, no matter what almost, which drove me to the supplements in the first place. Now maybe I have some ideas of what part of the problem is. Gardening, pascalite, cranberry, I still have variations of SCD around, although anyone actually doing it would laugh and say it's pointless. I have 1 SCD meal per day still. It helps without withering me away.

I offer it as my opinion that clearing this junk will let the hormones stabilize. These little parasites send signals that mess stuff up, and when I have moments of clarity, it is abundantly clear to me that the body wants to be healthy and feel good as much as I do and when it has those opportunities, it seems to excitedly snap right into shape, if only for long enough to tell me it can be done. It is being done. I have to feel the pain and fly against the gradient to get out. It has barriers to get through, hurdles to clear. Some of them I am seeing more clearly, I think, until they fade. I keep looking. I hope you all are too.

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