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7 hours ago, Hemisphere said:

I am adding and addendum to my post. You people might want to consider not having a checklist of expectations and pretend that finding your partner has to be done in a specific "church" way. You will find yourself sorely disappointed when you view this all as a chore/ meat market. 

Instead, be the person your potential partner expects you to be. That includes also dignity and self respect. Do not chase after someone who doesn´t appreciate you for yourself. It is a waste of time. You will miss out on some people and in the end you will be glad you did. Because there is no price nor a fast forward button on love and integrity. You may also would like to reconsider not to be "just friends". A European thumb of rule in the past, was to find your future bride/groom 100 hours away from home. Why ? because there where you are from you may not be appreciated. And perspectives vary from location to location. Where one is pauper he / she may be a prince(ss) elsewhere. However, it will require you work on your side. Complacency is the most ardent of saboteurs. 

Don't beg someone to be with you. Don't degrade yourself and don't conform yourself for the sake of an outside opinion. Be yourself and you will see, that the genuine light of your soul will find someone that will feel drawn to it.  

Thanks for the advice I got in the YSA ward ten years ago. It is similar to the advice I give to the YW I currently have stewardship over. At their age (all in high school), they need to be more focused on learning who they are and what they need from an eternal companion rather than focused on finding him. Do I tell them they should only date those born in the covenant? Absolutely not. Do I tell them to keep company with those who keep the their same lifestyle standards? Absolutely. Do I lead them by example on that? You bet your sweet bippy I do.

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On 12/9/2008 at 8:12 AM, BenRaines said:

There is a saying in spanish that I love it is:

Mejor sola que mal acompanada. Better alone than in bad company.

Ben Raines

My favorite is "Better to be single than to be married only to find out on Jerry Springer that my wife used to be a guy"....

My difficulty is money and education.  Too often the only women I found date-able was when I had lots of money.  The more money I had the better looking women were more and more available.  But I also know that just because a woman has the looks does not mean she has the personality.  Strangely, women that do not appear very attractive at first, somehow change when you get to know them and find out what kind of a special person they really are inside.  BTDT.  Now if only the date-able women understood that about men and money...of course I have plenty of lessons learned about being single.

Being single sucks.

Being single and and with not a lot of money is hard. 

Being almost 50, and with not a lot of money is hard. 

Adding to that having physical impairments makes it harder.

THEN when the women find out about my impairments, it scares them.  "Hi!  I'm the guy that makes lepers with the boubonic plague attractive!"

Now if only they would learn about it, instead of judge first. 

It's tough to find a date.

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Just FYI I asked Elder M Russell Ballard divorce is not condemnation  a divorced person can be a Bishop or whatever. He said he personally had approved many divorcees.

There are however traditions to the contrary and sometimes traditions get in the way of Revelation.

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On 12/10/2008 at 1:44 PM, checkerboy said:

.... go back to what Pres. Kimball said about any two people that have a desire to succeed in marriage and put forth the effort, will succeed.

Amen to that

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