24 and unmarried - a poem


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hi! i got some inspiration from the forums here.. so i wrote a poem today...i hope it's okay if i post it here.. i just wanted to share it with you...i hope you like it...

24 and unmarried

24 and unmarried

hardly cause for concern

enjoy life - free, unhindered

and wait for your turn

24 and unmarried

hardly cause for distress

go to places unfettered

do more, worry less

24 and unmarried

i can do as i please

no chores to be burdened

save for my dog's fleas

24 and unmarried

i can harbor no care

opt to be educated

or learn to make eclair

24 and unmarried

and earning for one

keep my gold buried

or have fun in the sun

24 and unmarried

i have time in my hands

living solo to the fullest

as i await my wedding band

24 and unmarried

such a joy, so they say

but suddenly i feel

a bit different today

24 and unmarried

hardly cause for complain

but today i feel worried

a tinge of sadness i can't explain

24 and unmarried

another friend getting hitched

i even thought i'll wed first

but then i got ditched

24 and unmarried

and now here comes June

all my friends are getting married

and babies will come soon

24 and unmarried

and i'm struggling each day

living on my own

gets lonelier everyday

24 and unmarried

and i'm wondering tonight

when i will meet

the one who will make things all right

24 and unmarried

and today's another day

but a surge of inspiration

comes to me as i pray

24 and unmarried

i have been for some time

but i trust in you Lord

i trust in Your will and Your time

24 and unmarried

great blessings are in store

i'll have my day in the temple

and i'll be 24 and unmarried no more

:) Edited by mavreenrose
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thanks.. yeah.. we all have to face the future with faith and optimism =)

i wrote the poem remembering how i felt being 24 (and unmarried) at several points of my life... like when i started out i was excited and giddy over the new freedom.. i'm earning my own money.. my family and friends are great.. i have a wonderful calling... and the freedom.. like i could pretty much do anything.. get married, serve a mission, pursue further education, learn a new hobby... and then after some time get to thinking what i want to do with my life.. and having a family seems like the next step.. but then things don't always turn out the way we hope they would.. we all have to wait our turn don't we? hehe...at some point i felt sad.. lonely...impatient even... but later on i guess i learned acceptance.. and had faith... that Heavenly Father is working for my happiness in His own timetable..

Edited by mavreenrose
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My BIL met his future wife when he was 29 and she was 18. They eventually married at 30 and 19 respectively. It was at first difficult for her parents but they did accept him. Even though physically we may be one age, emotionally and mentally we may be different ages. As is turned out for them, she was really 19 going on 26 and he was really 30 going on 26. :)


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25 still unmarried

25 still unmarried

and no longer concerned

enjoying life - free, unhindered

still waiting for my turn

25 still unmarried

and hardly distressed

i've gone to places unfettered

did more, worried less

25 still unmarried

seems nothing has changed

but this gal knows more now

she has increased her range

25 still unmarried

i have found my cause

i have enriched myself

corrected some of my flaws

25 still unmarried

trying to earn a degree

learning to cook

and be as happy as can be

25 still unmarried

making good use of my time

fulfilling my callings

and writing silly rhymes

25 still unmarried

and earning my keep

saving for the future

storing faith to make the leap

25 still unmarried

and finding joy everyday

i see my purpose in life

as i walk the Lord's way

25 still unmarried

and all this is making sense

i have been given time

to gain life experience

25 still unmarried

more friends have wedded

all these wedding announcements

makes me lightheaded

25 still unmarried

and friends' babies have grown

i feel content caring for them

for someday i'll have my own

25 still unmarried

and i go about each day

thanking the Lord

each time i pray

25 still unmarried

and i'm wondering tonight

if i have met the one

and is he my Mr right

25 still unmarried

i have been for some time

yet i still trust in You Lord

in Your will and in Your time

25 still unmarried

great blessings i have reaped

and more will be given

when that temple date i'll keep


hi! I just thought i'd continue this.. hehe Though I need to update this one of these days :)

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haha thanks dazed.. ^^

i posted my 24 and unmarried ages ago.. and my 25 still unmarried just now.. i am looking forward to what the future brings :)

i try not to worry but there are days when "being single" just gets the better of me.. it is a struggle but i think i am getting better at it.. I hold on to the Lord's promise that no matter what path He will bless me when I obey His will..

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25 and unmarried? Is there something wrong with you? :eek:

No seriously, that's perfectly normal. Life isn't one big rush to get married. Marriage brings just as many hardships as being single. The current average age of marriage for females in the UK is 28. It's 25.1 for females in the USA. As women usually marry an older man, the average age for men will be two or three years higher respectively. From my own experience, women in the church often get married at a considerably younger age than the average. This doesn't mean it's the "correct" thing to do, and it doesn't mean you have to.

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hehe.. my intent first and foremost was to make a poem that would entertain yet i know would be honest.. i actually made a 25 and 3 quarters but i feel this one is frivolous and flimsy.. anyway here it is.. sharing with you all anyway.. :)

25 and 3 quarters

And happily single

This isn’t my “26 poem”

Just some form of shingle ( a small signboard, not the disease :P)

25 and 3 quarters

A break from my “unmarried” series

I confess I’m in no mood to mingle

Or ride in crazy relationship ferries

25 and 3 quarters

And I am grateful for this break

There’s just so much

That my poor heart can take

25 and 3 quarters

And I’m loving my life

I found better things to do

Than obsess in becoming a wife

25 and 3 quarters

And I’m embracing my fate

He will get here soon enough

Whether he’s early or late

25 and 3 quarters

And I know what I want

I discern better now

From what I can and what I can’t

25 and 3 quarters

I’m not living life sitting down

I’ll work hard for a career

Before I fit that wedding gown

25 and 3 quarters

Anne and I are on a wager

Bosom friends have/are getting married

Haps, Juns and Ines – this is truly major!

25 and 3 quarters

And I sometimes wonder

How people make it seem so simple

Or am I just a duffer?

25 and 3 quarters

And I have set goals for myself

PhD, health, and beauty

So I won’t get stale on the shelf

25 and 3 quarters

Got enough Bollywood to fill my time

A gazillion three hour long movies!

If not enough - then I’ll rhyme

25 and 3 quarters

And you know this is fluff

Making a 14 stanza poem

Isn’t very easy stuff

25 and 3 quarters

All I’m trying to say

I love my life

I enjoy each day

25 and 3 quarters

Stay tuned for what’s coming

That “26 poem” will be fun

And most definitely exciting!

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Another installment...

26 and fantastic

And living a fabulous life

Still happily single

Still nobody’s wife

26 and fantastic

Just a tad bit confused

Tis the season of dates

And I’m a little amused

26 and fantastic

Admirers come knocking

When before I had none

Some were even a bit mocking

26 and fantastic

Could it then be my turn?

Or will I go through another cycle

Of a love gone forlorn?

26 and fantastic

And I have a new theory

Just got out of a break up?

Everyone feels sorry

26 and fantastic

No one really likes a mess

So clean up your act

And put on a nice dress

26 and fantastic

And a secret I must share

Admirers don’t come alone

And not even in pairs!

26 and fantastic

I know I must choose one day

I will choose the best one

But not yet today

26 and fantastic

I still have a lot to learn

People yet to meet

And then it will be my turn

26 and fantastic

I shall continue to dream

Of my one true love

And of happiness supreme

26 and fantastic

Got a secret in my heart’s coffer

The universe is conspiring

To make me a great offer

26 and fantastic

I’ll just stand my ground

I can feel he’s coming

He will soon be around

26 and fantastic

I’ll take one day at a time

Because I am on my way

To happiness sublime

26 and fantastic

I will now take my bow

Stay tuned for my 27 poem

Seven months from now!

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~ For starters I really like your poem :DDD.... bhawww I can't write anything at all.. especially works of art like poem~ :33 I can draw well so maybe i can draw a comic strip to your poem for fun~ :DDD

~ Secondly, I'm LDS and 22 there are 2 girls in my ward who are 21 and 19 who are engaged. Some people in the Church that I know of are extremely jealous, but really I couldn't care less... I really don't understand this about Mormons wanting to have early marriages.~ Something that I'm really interested is in East Asia particularly Korea, and I've heard from a lot of my friends that the common age for girls to get married is 26-30

and for men starting from 30's~ I think that this in-fact is perfectly reasonable.......

so Rose, un married at 24 is perfectly fine~ you can still enjoy 3 more years of freedom..

I mean.. what's the point of an early marriage.....

And for women the most important thing shouldn't be age, it should be appearance.

I'd rather get married at 26 and look 19 than be and engaged 19 year old and look like 26~ anyways that's just my 2 cents

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Nice poem, although for some reasons, I kept expecting the age to increase. But why is this is this in the SA section and not the YSA section? You've got 4+ years before you're tossed out of YSA - and then things really suck.

Just keep circulating. Remember, guys don't go tracting for dates. Be where you can be found.

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Finally I stir up someone other then the moderators (who no dobut are running background checks on me).

well, i started the thread at 24.. but now i'm 26.. the age is supposed to increase :)

I guess it beats the alternative.

Sorry, what I meant is that I half way expected to see a pattern like:

18 and ...

19 and ...

20 and ...

with each paragraph/section, reflecting a new year or month.

circulating.. hmmm.. i hope guys would do tracting hahaha..

<knock> <knock> <knock> Hi, we're the bachelors from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints down the street. Are there any Temple-worthy Young Single Adult females in the household available for a date this Friday? No? Ok, thank you very much for your time....

Well, it might make a good bit for The Singles Ward II, but I'd highly advise a backup plan.

Maybe it's something unique to my area, but it used to be that the women carped that the men didn't date and the men complained that the sisters were cold fish. Just remember that a guy will ask you out because he thinks that he's going to have an enjoyable time with you. If you're too reserved, he'll figure you're not interested and move on to someone else. (Of course, it does help to be perceived as "hot property" and that you won't be on the shelf for long.)

At 26 you shouldn't be deeply concerned, but do check for self-defeating behaviors - like staying home on activity nights.

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I read your poems and I like them quite a lot

It inspired me to try my hand at creating a poem myself

Since without you it would not be

I place it here first for you to see~

Yearning - A poem

I pray unto thee father

the longing of my heart

For one of thy pure daughters

home and family here to start

In my blessing thou hast said

son find one worthy of thee

yet oft the opposite I have asked

grant one of whom I'm worthy

In my singles ward there are

thy daughters many fair

yet when I prayed unto thee Lord

thou said she is not there

Where oh Lord bidst thou I seek

I ask thee oft to show

I can not find such on my own

Oh Lord please let me know

Impress upon my heart and mind

When face to face I see

A daughter holding within her soul

the virtues you've put within me

An equal to my heart and soul

Who seeks to thee delight

guide unto me Lord I pray

let such find in me matched light

I know that I'm not perfect

though I seek to so become

yet this I know assuredly

it takes two to become one

Man by his own can not obtain

the highest lofty height

Of thy kingdom heavenward

in which I've placed my sight

I'll love her with all of my soul

And always faithful be

I'll cleave unto her and her alone

For all of time and all eternity

One daughter fair I seek to find

and in the temple wed eternally

My worthiness to thee I've shown

Please let me start a family

As I close now this my prayer

I send it to thee above

In the name of my Savior dear

Whose name is also love

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I found a funny article in the BYU Idaho paper on "calculating your age in Mormon years." I can't tell you how many girls I wanted to slap across the face for saying, "OMG I'm 19 I'm so OLD!"

24 is not old, and being single longer isn't a bad thing, even if lonely feelings roll by from time to time. I figure that the longer I'm single, the more time I have to bring the more into my eventual marriage.

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