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I heard about this game, Corrupt a wish. It's kind of funny. I thought there might be some here who would like to try it.

The idea is to corrupt a wish, obviously. For example: I make a wish that i want a new car, then the next person corrupts that wish by saying, "granted, but now gas costs $10 a gallon." If you feel you cannot corrupt the wish you can simply say "not granted" but i would encourage you to try to corrupt it anyway. After you corrupt the wish or say "not granted", you may then go on to make your own wish that someone else can try to corrupt. No corrupting your own wish. Just keep it light and fun and clean and try not too get too serious.

If everything is clear, i'll go ahead and start with the first wish.

I wish for a pot of gold.

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Granted but then it is run over by a car while it is raining outside :(

I wish for 1000 uncorruptible wishes

You get them. However, doing so involves dividing by zero, so those wishes (and you) implode into a null vector space before you have a chance to use them.

I wish I had discovered a long time ago.

EDIT: Uh... I was a bit too late but Soulsearcher didn't provide a wish... if Soulsearcher does, just delete this post or something.

EDIT2: Ah, thanks Canuck. Moving on...

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