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Guest Kamperfoelie


Can imagine it will be hard to date while in chronic pain. While dating you will want to present yourself as a loveable huggable person. If youre gritting your teeth and grimacing with pain you ll have an extra challenge presenting yourself that way. I suppose it would take a mature person to make the effort to try and see 'through' your discomfort.

I ve dated gurls with mental afflictions, (once i had to find out for myself, and once she showed me her medical file on our first date... it was very benny and june (good movie): she was showing me her papers like you'd show your license to a policeman if you were pulled over :D)

By and large IME its a matter of taking the others 'shortcomings' or difficulties into consideration whenever you run into practical impediments: no one is perfect (even "healthy" people arent) and sometimes you have remind yourself of someone's strengths that you enjoy when you are struggling together with the weaknesses that you must overcome. Matter of give and take / bitter with the sweet etc

good luck

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Would you date a girl who has health problems? I am curious because I have health problems and I am wondering if thats why I haven't had a boyfriend or haven't gone on many dates.

everyone has some sort of health problem. I don't think it would be an issue for me.

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Enjoy the small favors of your life by sharing them with those less fortunate. Be thankful for those small instances like just being able to get out of bed in the morning or being able to smile because it is a beautiful day. There is so much to be grateful for and to share with those who aren't as fortunate as you. Gar

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I dated a girl with diabetes on and off. We could only eat certain foods and do certain things and it did get to me a little. Especially when I thought about what things could be like for us in the future and how difficult it would be for me to not eat certain things (like a good Krispy Kreme every now and then... Mmmm).

So I guess it really comes down to being able to find someone that has the same problems, or is accepting of the problems you have.


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