Bringing in the Sheaves. Cyber service is bearing fruit!


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It's difficult to measure the harvest from the intensive cyber missionary service that is now happening all over the World Wide Web, but here's an indication.

The following message was posted today on the LDS Cyber Missionaries forum

“I have been over on Facebook- group “All Christians On Face book” usually posting under a thread started by Jeff Stevens (i think I have his name spelled right?)– and it is interestingly enough titled “Ask a Mormon”!

There have been a LOT of “hecklers” who post reams of anti stuff- but the administrators do a pretty good job of banning those who get personal or dirty in their language. — bless them!

I have just recently had several posters say that from my work there, they have decided to look into the church, and one said they would read the BofM!

Just yesterday a Jehovahs’ Witness has suggested that from my respectful posting there, that he would like to learn more of our doctrines! WOWIE ZOWIE! Made my day! So we are just inching into that.

I wish I had MORE time! I wish I didn’t need to eat or sleep or shower or clean my house etc! (boy would my husband be upset!– but I AM blessed as he totally approves of my posting- but does worry if I let the dishes go unwashed for more than 2 days — yea– I worry about that too! ;/ and I work to NOT let that happen!

May God bless us all in our work for Him and guide us in how we post!”


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We can do a lot of good in the world. I have trouble not verbally smacking rude people so it's helping me be more patient and kind, as well as maybe helping someone come a little closer to the iron rod. Them coming closer..not me hitting them with it....that's the key :D

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