'Twilight' series pulled from Deseret Book shelves


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Just so you know, I only read the first book and part of the second (it was dull).

I think it's good that they're pulling the books, and here's why: in the last book, Bella gets pregnant and has Edward's baby.

Uhhh spoilers, yeah. So what's wrong with having a baby? They were married after all.

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*Spolier Alert - Spolier Alert*

I started out liking the series, but the thesaurus over-kill was a bit much (no offense:p). Still I liked the book until near the very end of the first book. Edward swore a Bella (mild as it was, it's still a crude word.) Immediately I stopped liking it.

Yet I still listened to the series with my mom on the paper-route (when I go and help her). Even in the second book they use crude words. I'm not sure whether or not Stephenie actually swears in real life, or if she just put that in there for the non-LDS audience. I lost a bit of respect for her since she's LDS, and there was no real reason to have anyone swear in the book. She could have just as easily avoided that.

Also, Bella isn't exactly the best role model for teenage girls. In the third book, she is constantly trying to talk Edward into having sex with her. If Edward hadn't been so old-fashion, well, let's just say that Reneesme would be coming a lot faster. She basically tries to commit suicide several times in book two just to "hear" Edward's voice. Last but not least, after becoming engaged to Edward she stills kisses Jacob! Whether or not he's going to die; if I was Edward I would have been angry. :mad:

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