West Nile virus detected in Utah


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Utah's unseasonably cool and wet weather the past couple of weeks has delighted not only water managers and gardeners, but also the swarms of mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus.

The Utah Department of Health announced Thursday that five mosquito pools statewide have tested positive for West Nile — three in Salt Lake County, one in Washington County and one in Box Elder County. Residents are encouraged to take precautionary measures to avoid mosquitoes and to be aware of West Nile symptoms if they've been bitten.

JoDee Summers, a disease epidemiologist at the Utah Department of Health, said detection of the virus locally has occurred a littler earlier this year than in past years due to the weather. Summers said it could be one of the state's worst mosquito seasons in more than 20 years.

The health department has placed traps at strategic locations throughout the state — including one area around Salt Lake City International Airport — and mosquitoes are collected once a week, she said.

"They grind them up and test their blood" to determine whether West Nile is present in that particular area, Summers said.

The airport location was one of the three Salt Lake County pools that tested positive for the virus.

You can read the entire story by going to: West Nile virus detected in Utah: Mosquito pools statewide test positive for disease

You may recall that David Osmond who has MS like his father Alan, battled with this disease a couple of years ago. You can watch the video clip of an interview that he and his wife Valerie did by going to:

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We just got word that a young woman in our old ward just came down with H1N1 while in the MTC. Pam, you may know the Kelly's from CV 1st Ward. I guess a few other missionaries got it also and they are quarantining them.

I hope that is over by the time my son will get the call to MTC! :eek:

Maybe he goes in an other MTC...

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Yeh they were up here visiting Marcus who is working in Provo for the summer. She and Joe are doing well though it got a bit emotional when we started talking about tombstones and what were on them. We had to change the subject very quickly. We did talk alot about Danny which I think was good for them.

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